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Snow removal equipment for home and summer cottages

snow removal equipment A snow blower is a very necessary equipment for home and summer cottages, especially if there is a lot of rainfall in your region in winter. More than 40 cm of snow can fall in one night. Removing it with a shovel is very long and tiring. The best way out of this situation is to use a snow blower. We will tell you how to choose snow removal equipment.

Types of snowblowers

Sales representatives offer a large number of snowblowers of different brands. Manufacturers produce snow blowers with different characteristics. When choosing a technique, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • engine type;
  • driving performance;
  • snow blower power and bucket size;
  • additional functionality.

Let’s consider each parameter in more detail.

Engine type

Snow blowers are available with gasoline and electric motors. Electric ones are equipped with plastic or rubber augers. This technique does not cope with wet caked snow. Gasoline snow blowers are more powerful, equipped with metal augers. They are suitable for cleaning thick heavy snow..

Driving performance

Self-propelled and non-self-propelled snowblowers are produced. Non-self-propelled ones are very difficult to push when clearing snow. Also, the technique is different undercarriage. It can be tracked and wheeled. The tracked base has a large cross-country ability, although the wheeled base is quite enough for cleaning the local area..

Snow blower power and bucket size

Standard bucket width 60 cm, power 5 HP. with. By choosing a snow blower with a bucket diameter of more than 60 cm, we will increase the comfort of cleaning on straight sections, but we will reduce its maneuverability. Equipment with a capacity of more than 5 liters. with. has a large snow throwing distance, which is important when cleaning wide areas.

Additional functionality

Snow throwing control on any snow blower is carried out using a lever or shaft with a handle. Controlling a mechanical or electromechanical joystick will increase the price of equipment by 5-10 thousand rubles, but will make cleaning more comfortable. Some models have headlights for night lighting, mechanical bucket height adjustment and other options.

Choose a gasoline-powered self-propelled snow plow with a standard bucket size and a metal auger. The undercarriage does not have to be tracked for good flotation. To increase it, you can choose a snow blower with a large wheel diameter.

As for the brand and additional functions of equipment – the choice is yours and your financial capabilities.

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