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Mistakes of novice craftsmen in the manufacture of wickets

welded metal gate The gate is an important element of the fence. If you weld its frame incorrectly, then the structure will turn out to be fragile. Because of this, the gate will not last long. In order to avoid mistakes in the manufacture of a wicket, you need to know for what reasons problems arise..

Let’s consider the three most important reasons for the quick failure of the gate. Among them:

  • poor-quality welding of the frame and the absence of spacer beams in the structure;
  • “Craters” in the frame profile;
  • production of a wicket frame without drawing and calculations.

If you thoroughly approach the manufacture of the wicket and carry out cosmetic work after welding the frame, then many troubles can be avoided. A high-quality wicket frame will not need to be repaired after a year of operation and weld cracks in the structure.

Poor frame welding

Inexperienced builders use a conventional metal frame as a frame, which is made from a shaped pipe. If the profile is welded at a right angle, it will be necessary to provide additional spacer beams. Without them, the structure will be fragile. Frame may break under light weight.

In order to strengthen the structure without the use of spacer beams, the seams must be made diagonal.

This will increase the length of the weld. In order to make diagonal welds, sections of the metal profile are cut at an angle of 45 °.

The presence of craters in the frame of the gate

In case of poor-quality welding, burns and craters appear in the metal frame of the gate. Novice welders do not pay attention to these holes and do not close them up at the final stage of work..

In winter, water caught in such holes freezes. The ice is expanding. This can cause the metal profile to break.

This error cannot be corrected by cosmetic repairs. That is why many craftsmen do not undertake the repair of such a gate. Therefore, you will have to do major repairs yourself. There are times when the wicket needs to be completely disassembled and redone.

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