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Manufacturing of a frame for a wicket from a metal profile

metal profile wicket A metal gate must be strong and stable, so a good frame must be made for it. In order to weld it, use a metal profile pipe 50X50 mm.

In order to make the frame strong, it is necessary to cut each piece of the profile pipe at an angle of 45 °. The diagonal cut will increase the length of the weld, so the strength of the structure will increase significantly.

Compared to a conventional rectangular joint, the diagonal seam is significantly stronger. Thanks to such a seam, it is possible to exclude spacer beams from the construction of the wicket, which would spoil its appearance and increase material consumption..

For the manufacture of the frame of the gate, the following tools are used:

  • grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • hammer.

For the manufacture of round decorative elements, a pipe bender and a metal profile of 20X20 mm are used. If you do not have such a tool, you can use an old car gearbox or motorcycle wheel..

Making a box for a lock

In order to be able to close the gate, a lock is required. A box is made for him. Two pipe sections are welded to the metal frame, which are connected with a transverse section of a metal profile.

Then a hole is cut out for the lock. The grinder makes a hole for the crossbar. Then a lock is inserted into the box.

End plates are applied to it, on which the holes for the keyhole and the door handle are marked. Then the lock is assembled and fixed to the frame with metal rivets..

Wicket decoration

In order to decorate the frame of the gate, it is necessary to make decorative metal parts. It is better to do it according to a drawing or drawing..

You can decorate the gate with various patterns. Individual elements of forging or figures from a metal profile are fastened by welding, and then installed on the frame. You can bend wavy details using teski.

It is very important to observe safety precautions in the manufacture of decorative parts. Use construction gloves, safety goggles and a welding mask when working on the manufacture of the wicket.

After the frame of the gate is ready, it is sheathed with metal sheets. Metal rivets are used to secure them to the frame. At the final stage of manufacturing the wicket, the decorative elements are covered with paint.

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