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Cooking an original delicacy – candied ginger

candied ginger Candied fruits are a favorite treat for kids, but some of them are quite unusual products, one might say, especially for adults. We are talking about candied ginger. Since the root vegetable itself has a specific taste, and, accordingly, bitterness will be present in candied fruits. For this reason, children rarely feast on them, but adults will appreciate the unusual candies with peppercorns. They are not only tasty, but also very healthy, and in this way you can easily prepare a miracle root for future use..

What you need to make candied ginger?

To prepare candied ginger, you need to purchase young, firm, juicy roots.

It is better not to use ginger that is too large – it usually has a fibrous structure.

The tubers should be well washed, peeled and thinly, no more than 2 mm in thickness, cut into plates of arbitrary shape.

The thicker the plates, the sharper the candied fruits will turn out, because during the cooking process, bitterness will not have time to come out of them..

For four small ginger tubers, you will additionally need:

  • sugar;
  • water;
  • juice of one lemon.

How to prepare ginger tubers?

The chopped ginger must be boiled beforehand. To do this, put it in a saucepan, pour hot water so that it completely covers the plates and a little more on top. Bring to a boil, tighten the heat and simmer for about an hour. To make the candied fruit not very spicy, you need to change the water 3-4 times during cooking..

The water in which the ginger was boiled can be used to make ginger tea or added to compotes..

How to make candied fruits?

Transfer the boiled ginger to a glass or bowl. This is necessary in order to determine the amount of sugar. You need it as much as there are records. In other words, for 1 cup of gingerbread you need 1 cup of sugar..

Prepare sugar syrup, while water must be poured in half as much as sugar, that is, 0.5 tbsp. However, you must take into account the lemon juice, so first pour the juice into the glass, and then add water to get 0.5 tbsp. liquids.

Put ginger in boiling syrup and simmer until the plates become transparent (about 30 minutes).

During the cooking process, candied fruits need to be stirred periodically so that they are in syrup all the time. Otherwise, the ginger will dry out and darken..

Remove the finished candied fruits from the syrup, dip in sugar on all sides, put on parchment and leave to dry. Store candied ginger in a jar under a lid..

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Cooking candied ginger – video

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