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We grow euonymus in the room – the secrets of proper care

indoor euonymus Evergreen species of euonymus, which are distinguished by their compact size, are most often used as indoor plants. They have a very beautiful decorative look and are not capricious in their care..

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Popular types of indoor euonymus

In indoor conditions, the Japanese euonymus feels good. It is a rather tall bush, reaching up to 1.5 m in height, with variegated green leaves. It blooms in small inflorescences, colored yellow with a slight green tint.

In addition, such euonymus are grown like ampelous flowers in a room:

  1. Microfillus. It has branches up to 50 cm long, the color of the leaves is yellow-green, the inflorescences are white.
  2. Dwarf. The length of the branches can be up to 1 m, the color of the leaves is light green. Ties small pink or yellow fruits after flowering.

Conditions for keeping indoor euonymus

To prevent the plants from shedding their leaves, it is better for the euonymus to take a cool room. This is especially important during the heating season – in winter, the maximum temperature in the room should be no higher than 12 degrees Celsius..

In summer, shrubs can be taken outside..

Care rules

When growing euonymus as indoor plants, you need to take proper care of them. This is the case when overprotectiveness can destroy even the most persistent flower. First of all, it concerns watering. Euonymus does not like stagnant moisture, so it should be watered only after the soil dries out. But spraying euonymus is very fond of, so they can be done often.

So that the water does not stagnate in the pot, it is imperative to lay good drainage on the bottom..

Starting from spring, plants can be fed with complex preparations for decorative deciduous flowers, but not more often than once every two weeks. With the end of autumn, feeding is stopped.

In the spring, you should also cut off the tops of the shoots on the bush – this will help give it a neat shape and allow you to make a lush crown. The emerging young twigs, in turn, must be pinched.

Although indoor euonymus do not grow particularly fast, it is still necessary to replant them. For adult specimens, it is enough to change the flowerpot and soil once every 3-4 years, but young and growing bushes may need an annual transplant with replacing the soil with fresh.

Indoor euonymus: cultivation features – video

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