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The difference between a sand well and an artesian one

various wells A well is a constant source of water in a summer cottage or in a private house. Water from the well is used for watering the garden, washing dishes and cooking. There are two types of wells: surface, or as it is also called, sand and artesian well.

These water sources are fundamentally different from each other. The sandy well reaches the second aquifer, and the artesian one reaches the fourth or fifth. The designs of these wells are also significantly different. Consider which well is better to equip on the site.

Location of aquifers

The surface of the earth consists of:

  • from the fertile layer;
  • sedimentary rocks;
  • a layer of minerals;
  • rock base.

The fertile soil layer rarely has a thickness of 1 m. Then sedimentary rocks, loam and sand begin. The next layer consists of ores and minerals, it can lie at a depth of 100 m.After a layer of sedimentary rocks, a layer of rocky base begins.

Water can be located in any part of this “puff cake”. Water closer to the soil surface reacts to changes in the environment. It gets polluted in the same way as the air on the surface of the Earth..

Deeper springs undergo natural filtration, passing through a large number of soil layers. Deep springs are richer and cleaner than springs close to the soil surface.

If you want to get clean drinking water, you need to drill an artesian well. In the event that you need industrial water, drill a sand hole.

How to equip a well

In order to equip the well, it is necessary to install a casing in the hole. You cannot save on the material of this pipe..

In order to save money, unscrupulous workers install a plastic casing in the hole. Due to the high pressure, it deforms quickly, and the well will not last long. Casing can be galvanized or stainless steel pipe.

The difference between an artesian and a sand well is that an artificial filter must be installed for a sand well, which increases the cost of the well design. Water from an artesian well undergoes natural filtration.

The sand hole must be flushed every three years. An artesian well does not require maintenance, but the cost of its construction is much higher.

The difference between a sand well and an artesian well – video

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