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High-yielding Crimean black figs are an excellent choice for planting in sheltering structures

Crimean black fig Among the popular types of figs, it is worth noting the Crimean Black variety. In a warm southern climate, it is found in open ground on the territory of the Crimea, in cooler climatic conditions it is grown with the obligatory presence of a shelter for the winter or in greenhouses.

The homeland of the variety is considered to be France, where it came from with the names Purple from Bordeaux or Moisson.

Description of the species

Fig Moisson is most often grown in bush form, although in nature the plant height is quite decent and can reach 3 m. The variety is self-fertile and mid-ripening, bears fruit twice during the season. Differs in sweet taste with slight sourness and strong aroma.

Since the variety does not need pollination, it can be successfully grown as a houseplant..

The first harvest can be harvested in July, it is the largest – the weight of one fruit is 80 g. The fig itself has an asymmetrical pear shape, the skin is dark blue with a purple tint. Inside, when breaking, dark pink flesh is visible.

From the second wave in early September, smaller fruits weighing up to 40 g ripen.They differ slightly from the first harvest and correspond more to the name of the variety: the shape of the pear is slightly elongated, the skin is colored dark purple (almost black), and the flesh is deep red.

Sweet and aromatic black figs are ideal for winter preserves in the form of jam or dried fruit.

Growing features

Crimean black figs prefer sunny places and abundant watering.

If the bush does not have enough light, the peel on the fruits will not be saturated dark, but with yellowness.

Special attention should be paid to pruning figs. The variety is very responsive to cutting and easy to shape, which makes it possible to get a compact and easy-care bush. This requires:

  • in the spring, pinch the top of the central trunk;
  • when forming lateral shoots, pinch them also;
  • branches that are too long should be shortened periodically.

The variety is not particularly winter-hardy and therefore needs good shelter when planting in the garden. It will be easier to do this if you form a fig in the form of a short and open bush, while planting a seedling at an angle.

Harvest of Crimean black figs – video

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