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We prepare calendula correctly

harvesting calendula Calendula has long been known for its medicinal properties. Many fans of traditional medicine go to pharmacies in search of healing flowers, but most still prefer to grow the plant on their own. In this case, it is always known what quality raw materials are obtained, and besides, this allows you to make environmentally friendly stocks for the future. However, in order for homemade calendula to be really useful, it is important not only to collect it on time, but also to dry it properly..

When can you pick flowers?

In most cases, flowers are used for medicinal purposes – they will be discussed. It is necessary to start picking calendula flowers on a sunny day. It is very easy to understand that the medicinal flower bed is already “ripe” for harvesting – as soon as half of the flowers open on it, you can start working. At the same time, it is better to do this at lunchtime, when the dew on the bushes has already evaporated..

At lunchtime, the inflorescences fully open and just in this form they have the most healing properties..

During the season, the collection of calendula can be carried out two or even three times, because it blooms until October.

How to collect?

In order not to accidentally pull out the bush by the root, you need to hold the plant (or shoot) with one hand, and with the other, carefully pluck the inflorescence together with a small part of the peduncle, so as not to damage the bottom of the flower. If the scale of work is not very large, it is better to use scissors..

For medicinal purposes, only open buds should be chosen, and those on which seeds have already formed are best left for reproduction..

How to dry flowers?

The plucked calendula must be dried naturally – in the open air. For this:

  • spread old newspapers on a table in the street under a canopy (a well-ventilated attic is also suitable);
  • scatter the inflorescences in one layer, spreading them evenly;
  • turn the calendula every other day.

It is impossible to dry the inflorescences directly under the sun, otherwise they will lose most of their beneficial properties..

After about a week, take one flower and lightly press it with your fingers: if the basket crumbles, the calendula is already dry.

Where to store?

Dried inflorescences should be poured into a cloth bag or paper bag. It is not recommended to use glass jars for this purpose – the calendula cannot “breathe” in them.

Packages with flowers should be stored in a dark and dry place for no more than one year. More “old” calendula will not cause much harm, but it will not bring much benefit to the body either..

Video about harvesting calendula

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