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We make our own heater from clay pots

homemade pot heater Many have probably heard about the heater from flower pots. On the Internet, you can find many articles on the assembly and use of such a device. These articles promise that such a simple device can replace electric heaters, as it heats up to 200 ° C. Its assembly is simple and does not take much time. For a large space, such a heater is not suitable, but for small rooms, for example, a tent, greenhouse or greenhouse, it can be used. The heater will help out on a fishing trip or on a hike, where it is not possible to use electrical appliances.

Since the open flame of a candle is used for heating, safety precautions must be observed. Do not place the device near flammable objects to prevent fire.

Assembling the heater

For the assembly we need:

  • three clay pots of different diameters;
  • 8 washers for M10 thread;
  • bolt M10 100 mm;
  • 8 nuts with M10 thread;
  • clay pallet;
  • metal support (grill) for air circulation;
  • heating element – candles.

The assembly of the device is carried out according to the principle of matryoshka, that is, you need to select the pots so that they fit into each other, and there is a gap between them. A bolt must be inserted into the drainage hole of the pot, after putting a washer on it.

Then it is necessary to put a washer on the bolt from the inside of the pot and secure it with a nut. Next, tighten another nut with a washer to provide a gap, and fix the second pot on the bolt in the same way as the first, so that the distance between its wall and the wall of the first pot is the same throughout the entire diameter.

We fix the third pot in the same way as the second. As the programmers say: “Run the procedure in a loop” until the pots run out. It turns out a matryoshka from pots. Next, you need to make an impromptu radiator for better heat concentration. To do this, sequentially fasten two nuts, put two washers on them and secure them with the last nut.

Principle of operation

The heater works quite simply. It is necessary to turn the structure upside down and put it on the grate. Next, we put a metal stand on a ceramic tray with candles that will serve as heating elements. Light them and wait until the heat is distributed over the surface of the heater. The structure will heat up most of all in the area of ​​the metal rod..

It is necessary to use ordinary ceramic pots without glaze or paint, as when heated it will burn and release harmful substances. Remove all pot labels for fire safety..

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