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Loft-style kitchen: 40 ideas for design and renovation

Loft-style kitchen: 40 ideas for design and renovation

In recent years, the avant-garde loft has gained immense popularity among residents of megacities. The combination of spaciousness and functionality inherent in this style provides a comfortable urban life. In this article, we will show you how to add the features of a loft to an ordinary kitchen..

The main features of the loft style

Initially, lofts (English “attic”) were called attic rooms above the factory and factory workshops. The first such rooms were chosen by poor artists, musicians and writers who could not afford real housing. But times have changed, and now, after half a century, loft apartments in former industrial buildings are bought by the wealthiest people, and this design direction is considered elite and bohemian..

Given the very unusual history of its appearance, the loft style is easy to distinguish from all its “competitors”. Suffice it to imagine the setting of an abandoned factory with its bare walls, beams, support columns, unmasked pipes and wires, and a simple concrete floor. Only instead of workbenches in this gloomy interior, simple utilitarian objects of human life should appear: a sofa, a table, a wardrobe and a couple of surreal paintings.

There is always a lot of metal in the loft; brick, concrete and aged wood prevail from the decoration. The former non-residential premises are characterized by high ceilings, huge windows through which a lot of natural light comes in, and large doorways. All this, one way or another, is reflected in the loft style, but its main feature is the maximum free space. Perhaps it is precisely because of the easy openness that this design option is so popular with the city dwellers who are tired of being crowded..

Loft-style kitchen - photo

Loft-style kitchen colors

Before decorating the kitchen, it is important to determine the palette of shades that will be used. For the loft style, an achromatic scale is most often chosen, interspersed with textures of rust, red brick, wood.

White kitchen

The pure shade of snow will give your kitchen a fresh and tidy look. This color can be used to paint fully or partially the facades of the headset, countertops, furniture in the dining area..

On the walls, there is often masonry (or imitation) of silicate bricks, sometimes with whitewash right on top of it. The ceilings in lofts are almost always white, which makes them visually taller. In small rooms, it makes sense to use this color for floor decoration..

White loft-style kitchen - photo White loft-style kitchen - photo

Gray kitchen

Metal is the most natural environment for an industrial interior. All shades of gray, from mirrored polished steel to dark matte graphite, are appropriate for the loft. Due to the neutrality of this color, it can be mixed in any proportion and applied to any surface..

Gray loft-style kitchen - photo

Black kitchen

Charcoal black, which should be used sparingly in other interiors, is perceived organically and easily in a loft. It is ideal for large spaces, making them complete. Dark furniture, appliances, tinted glass will perfectly complement this somewhat brutal kitchen design.

Black loft style kitchen - photo

Wood color

A characteristic feature of the interior decoration of the loft is old solid wood furniture, the same ceiling beams, and sometimes a plank floor. Unlacquered kitchen fronts, as well as other elements with a characteristic wood cut pattern, will turn a cold industrial interior into a cozy and homely one..

Wooden kitchen in loft style - photo Wooden kitchen in loft style - photo

Brown kitchen

The ocher brown color of fired clay is an essential attribute of brick walls. In old buildings, where each rectangle was formed by hand over a hundred years ago, the masonry is deliberately freed from plaster in order to see its original appearance in all its glory..

Loft-style brown kitchen - photo

Kitchen materials and finishes

In the twentieth century, as, indeed, now, the production facilities were not particularly sophisticated. Hastily erected walls, economical floors, non-marking floors, some furniture – all this was created not for beauty or comfort, but with the sole purpose of providing working conditions. And although natural materials, which were previously available, are now valued much higher – they can always be replaced with some kind of construction novelties..


The classics of the loft style are concrete floors, which were ubiquitous in workshops, and neutral solid parquet, lacquered or painted with enamel. But there are other variations..

So the kitchen floor can be laid out with tiles or porcelain stoneware under a gray stone; lay linoleum; arrange a self-leveling floor. It is undesirable to use laminate in the cooking zone, since it does not withstand the effects of moisture and is deformed.

In small loft kitchens, the floor is best done in a light shade – white, steel, with a glossy uniform surface. Parquet, laid perpendicular to the window, will visually stretch the room.

Floor design - loft style kitchen


At the mention of industrial design, the first to appear are completely bare walls made of brick (red, white, gray, black), chipped stone or concrete. They don’t have to be real – imitation is fine. It can be done with textured ceramic tiles, decorative stone veneers, plastic panels, or vinyl wallpaper..

An innovative idea for a loft-style kitchen is slate paint. Subsequently, you get a black matte wall, similar to a blackboard. It is easy to draw on it with chalk, write notes, recipes, make lists of products and menus. Such a surface looks very stylish, besides, it is quickly cleaned of past creativity with a damp sponge, and stationery chalk does not leave any scratches on the paint.

Wall decoration - loft style kitchen Wall decoration - loft style kitchen


In a loft-style kitchen, you can forget about finishing the ceiling altogether! Concrete floor slabs fit perfectly into the overall design. If the height of the room allows, they can be supplemented with wooden beams, metal battens, fire extinguishing and ventilation pipes.

In small kitchens, it is better to align the ceiling, whitewash or stretch a white pvc film.

Ceiling design - loft style kitchen


In an industrial interior, textiles are practically absent. As a last resort, the windows are closed at night with light white, brown or beige curtains. Also, occasionally vertical blinds are used (they will raise the height of the kitchen), roller blinds or roman blinds.

Textile - loft style kitchen

Furniture and appliances for the kitchen in the loft style

Since free space plays the main role in the loft, the furniture should be as lightweight and almost invisible. In large rooms it will not be difficult to arrange things, and the choice of textures is wider, but when arranging a small kitchen, you will have to follow some rules in order to visually expand it.

Kitchen set

Industrial-style kitchen sets are usually available in two types – straight and angled. If necessary, you can order an individual design, taking into account the architectural features of the room (niches, bay windows, ledges).

The facades can be made as roughly processed wood, covered with a neutral color enamel or laminated metal-like film. An interesting finish is stone veneer – a 1 mm thick cut of rock on a flexible base that looks like a real rock.

For a small kitchen, it is better to choose a light headset model without handles and prominent fragments, with a height to the ceiling.

Loft style kitchen set

Dinner Zone

For a dining area in a loft-style kitchen, simple and compact furniture is suitable. For example, crystal wire chairs, thin A-shaped metal legs, wooden, metal, or glass table with parallelepiped stands.

In a small room, they can be replaced with a narrow bar-partition and high stools.

Dining area - loft style kitchen Dining area - loft style kitchen

Storage systems

Unlike most other styles, the spacious loft allows open shelves, shelving, or hooks. This is convenient in its own way, because you can immediately see where everything is..

If the kitchen is small, then it is better to hide the utensils and products behind the doors of the headset. To store various little things in it, it is worthwhile to provide drawers, folding and folding structures, corner, rotating shelves, grates and magnets. The technique can be left in plain sight, but it is advisable to pick it up in the same style..

Storage systems - loft style kitchen


The highlight of the loft-style kitchen interior can be a red retro refrigerator with rounded corners. It will act as a bright accent, standing out against the achromatic background. And for a more relaxed look, a modern model with a steel surface will do..

Refrigerator - loft style kitchen

Decor and accessories

The loft style does not require special decorations, but to make the kitchen more comfortable, you can hang a wall clock and several paintings by contemporary artists (or painted with your own hand), make inscriptions on the slate surface, arrange small indoor plants, stylish dishes, as well as interesting boards for cutting food.

A free section of the wall is suitable for an unusual rack in the form of a bent pipe. A good addition can be made by various vintage items – a round alarm clock, a kerosene lamp, etc..

Loft style kitchen decor

Proper lighting in the kitchen

In the loft style, simple types of lighting are used – as in the days when electricity just appeared. Hanging lamps in black sockets and without shades (one by one or in groups); metal black, red or steel chandeliers in the form of table lamps; spot diode lamps on small brackets; spotlights and lamps on tripods – a wide enough choice to provide the necessary brightness in the kitchen in the dark.

Loft-style kitchen lighting

Loft style kitchens – photo

In the selection below, we have collected photos of the best design solutions for loft-style kitchens. These pictures will help you find interesting ideas for renovation, see what different types of finishes look like, decide on the choice of furniture and other interior items..

Design of a small kitchen (Khrushchev) in the loft style

Design of a small kitchen (Khrushchev) in the loft style - photo Design of a small kitchen (khrushchevka) in the loft style - photo Design of a small kitchen (Khrushchev) in the loft style - photo Design of a small kitchen (khrushchevka) in the loft style - photo Design of a small kitchen (Khrushchev) in the loft style - photo

Loft-style kitchen-living room design

Loft-style kitchen-living room design - photo Loft-style kitchen-living room design - photo Loft-style kitchen-living room design - photo Loft-style kitchen-living room design - photo Loft-style kitchen-living room design - photo Loft-style kitchen-living room design - photo

Loft style corner kitchen design

Loft style corner kitchen design - photo Loft style corner kitchen design - photo Loft style corner kitchen design - photo Loft style corner kitchen design - photo

Loft style kitchen apron

Apron for the kitchen in the loft style - photo Apron for the kitchen in the loft style - photo Loft style kitchen apron - photo Loft style kitchen apron - photo

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