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How to store tuberous begonia in winter

begonia tubers In order to preserve the beautiful begonia until the next season, it is necessary to properly organize her rest period. In most cases, with the arrival of summer and the onset of warm fine days, flower growers try to take their plants out into the open air. Even indoor begonias feel much better outdoors. They are more active in gaining green mass, forming new shoots and buds.

The main danger that awaits flowers with the onset of autumn is the first frost. Delicate fragile begonia leaves contain a lot of water, so they are sensitive to even when the temperature drops to 0 degrees.

How to prepare begonia for storage?

In anticipation of the cold weather, the pot with the plant from the street must be moved to the room. Now it’s time to prepare him for rest, which means that watering needs to be reduced. In principle, they start to water the bush less often while they are in the fresh air, and when the flower “moves” into the house, the soil does not need to be moistened at all. After all, the tubers must be able to dry out before being stored..

Where to store begonia?

If possible, the plant can be left in the pot for the winter. All shoots will need to be cut off beforehand. Place the pot in a dry room with a stable positive air temperature, for example, in a basement.

Do not water the begonia in the pot during storage..

If there is no basement, the tubers should be stored in the refrigerator on the lower shelf..

Tuber preparation

Before storing, the begonia should be removed from the flowerpot and freed from the substrate. Then carry out such events:

  • cut off the shoot from the tuber;
  • cut the roots with scissors;
  • leave the tubers so that the cut dries well.

Put peat in a bag and place begonia tubers there. Instead of peat, it is good to use sphagnum moss..

What to do with leftover cuttings?

The shoots that remain after pruning the plant do not have to be thrown away, especially if it is a rare and beautiful variety. They can be used for flower propagation by rooting cuttings. If you approach this procedure correctly, you will be able to grow several young bushes from one pot..

It is better to root not the entire shoot completely, but only its middle, removing the top with buds and a thick lower part.

Place the prepared stalk in a pot with fresh soil, deepening it along the leaves. It is better not to use the soil left over from the previous plant, as it may contain pests or fungi. Cover the pot with a bag. It is not recommended to root begonia in water, it quickly rots there.

Storage methods for tuberous begonia – video

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