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Mistakes when growing walnuts

walnut fruit Walnut is an unpretentious tree, but nevertheless it requires some attention. If the planting conditions are not followed and the wrong spraying, the nut will not give good yields. Novice gardeners do not carry out green work (they do not prune or pinch competing shoots), and the crown of young trees thickens, and the growth of a walnut slows down. A young walnut tree must be tied up. Consider the main reasons why a walnut does not grow and is often sick.

Incorrect planting of a walnut

Walnuts should not be planted in the ground in early spring, otherwise the roots of the tree may freeze. Planting takes place in mid-May – early June, when the average daily temperature rises to + 12 ° C.

Very often, walnuts are planted in loamy soil, which is not suitable for the comfortable growth of the tree. Dig up the soil and add peat and sand before planting. The root collar of the walnut should be at the level of the soil or 2-3 cm above it. If you bury the root collar in the soil, or, conversely, raise it too much above the ground, the growth of the walnut will stop..

The roots of the tree should be completely covered with soil. A sign that the roots are not deep enough are black spots on the leaves of young trees. If such points appear on the leaves, mulch the soil with wet sawdust..

Improper spraying of the tree

If the tips of the leaves turn brown, it means that you are not properly spraying the tree with insecticides. Insecticides are pesticides, chlorine and other chemical elements that are harmful to the tree are often found in their composition. If not properly sprayed, a drop of the insecticide solution will evaporate in the sun. The chlorine concentration rises and it burns the leaf.

Spray walnuts with mild chemical solutions. Spray in the evening or in cloudy weather..

Lack of young walnut garter

It is necessary to tie up a walnut from the second year after planting and before the tree enters the fruiting period. To do this, install a trellis with a height of 2.5-3 m next to the tree.Tie the nut until the age of five, and you will form an even and beautiful tree trunk.

Green works

In the third month after planting, choose a central shoot. Growth points of competing shoots should be cut off. Perform this procedure every two years..

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