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How to Grow Sweet Pineapple at Home?

pineapple fruit Pineapple is a tropical plant, so it must be grown either in a greenhouse or indoors. Many tropical plants do not take root at home on windowsills due to improper soil selection and excessive moisture. Also, pineapple needs timely fertilization to get fruit. It is necessary to grow pineapple in conditions as close as possible to the natural environment..

Natural conditions

Pineapple is found naturally in southern countries with hot arid climates. The largest exporters of pineapple to the world market, such countries as:

  • Thailand;
  • Sri Lanka;
  • Philippines;
  • Brazil.

The climate in these countries is tropical or subtropical. For a long time, strong winds blow in these countries, and there is no rain for several months. Therefore, the pineapple crown is adapted to collect rainwater. On the leaves of a grooved shape, it flows into the middle of the fruit. The pineapple root system forms at the base of the deciduous crown. Thanks to the branched root system, pineapple absorbs additional moisture from the soil surface. The pineapple root system develops horizontally in breadth, in order to increase the area of ​​moisture absorption.

Pineapple exporting countries are dominated by sandy or sandy loam soil. She has the ability to pass water well.

Growing pineapple at home

It is necessary to bring the growing conditions in the apartment as close as possible to the natural growing conditions of pineapple. To do this, you should take the soil, consisting of 30% -50% of humus and 50% -70% of calcined river or washed sea sand. Washing the sea sand is necessary in order to get rid of excess salt. The river sand is calcined to kill bacteria and small insects to avoid contamination of the pineapple roots.

Watering the pineapple is necessary only when the earthy clod is completely dry to avoid root rot. In the summer, one watering a week is enough, in winter pineapple is watered less often, about once a month and a half..

Use room temperature water for irrigation. Natural water temperature for pineapple is 23 ° C. In no case do not water the pineapple with cold water, otherwise the root system of the plant will rot.

Fertilize pineapple twice a year, in the summer. The best fertilizing will be fertilizers with a high nitrogen content. Complex fertilizer should consist of 60% nitrogen-containing substances, 20% potassium, and 20% magnesium-containing fertilizers.

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