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Mistakes when planting peanuts

planting peanuts Peanuts are a thermophilic plant from the legume family. They are called peanuts because they have a nutty flavor when roasted. Despite the fact that peanuts are popular in many countries of the world, they are grown only in the southern regions. Groundnut adapts to other climatic conditions rather hard, therefore this culture is considered exotic in our gardens. Consider the most common mistakes when planting and growing peanuts, as well as ways to increase the yield of peanuts..

Improper planting preparation and lack of treatment

Because peanuts are considered by many to be a nut, they are improperly processed before planting or not processed at all. It is impossible to plant unsprouted peanuts in the ground, otherwise it will not rise. To quickly get seedlings, as well as a good harvest, the planting material must be soaked in a growth stimulant solution for 6-8 hours. For sprouting peanuts, you can use “Epin” or “Kornevin”. After processing, the germination of peanuts increases.

Wrong landing site

Due to the fact that the peanut grows like nightshade crops and forms tubers from several fruits, it is watered abundantly. Excess water causes the peanut beans to rot and the peanuts do not germinate. He loves direct sunlight and does not tolerate stagnant water..

In order to get a good harvest, you need to reduce watering and plant the peanut beans in a sunny place..

Planting peanuts

Sprouted peanuts are planted in furrows 5 cm deep. The distance between the furrows should be at least 20 cm, since in the future it will be necessary to well spud the peanuts. The more you sprinkle the seedlings, the more room the peanuts will have to grow, and the larger the yield will be..

The soil for planting peanuts should be loose. Peanuts respond well to feeding, so add nitroammofoska and potassium-containing fertilizer to the soil along with the sand.

Since peanuts can rot in the soil, sprouted beans should be planted in pairs. This will ensure you get seedlings. The distance between the peanuts should be 5 cm.

After planting sprouted beans in open ground, the soil is disinfected with a hot solution of potassium permanganate of a saturated purple color. In this way, you will not only disinfect the soil, but also warm up the soil, which will increase the germination of peanuts and increase the yield of peanuts. As soon as the first shoots appear, the soil is loosened, and then the peanuts are spud.

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