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Making calendula macerate

calendula oil Calendula has long been known for its beneficial properties, due to which it is widely used in cosmetology and medicine, including the plant in medicinal preparations. One of the most common forms of calendula processing is its oil. Unlike alcohol tincture, it is milder and is recommended even in the field of pediatrics..

Real pure calendula oil is quite difficult to obtain, so most often in pharmacies they sell an oil extract called macerate. But this product is not so cheap either, especially if it is of high quality. It is much easier to make the oil yourself, because there is nothing complicated about it, and the necessary ingredients can always be found in the kitchen cabinet and in the flower bed..

What is macerate made of?

For the preparation of calendula oil, it is better to use dried inflorescences, since they contain more nutrients than the rest, deciduous part of the plant..

From the practice of traditional medicine lovers, it is noticed that the oil from fresh flowers often begins to ferment. Fresh inflorescences contain a lot of moisture, which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

The basis of the macerate at home is most often vegetable oil (unrefined).

Instead of vegetable oil, you can use flaxseed, sesame or olive oil..

How to make butter?

To mix all the ingredients, you need a glass container with a lid, which has been previously washed and dried. Then you need to:

  • fill the jar with calendula;
  • add the oil so that it completely covers the flowers, but leaving a few centimeters to the top of the jar.

It is not worth filling the container very tightly with flowers, since it is necessary that it be possible to turn the oil over (shake it).

Methods for making macerate

Close the filled jar with a lid and leave to infuse for 21 days. During this time, the calendula will give all its nutrients to the oil. There are two ways to do this:

  1. In the sun, after wrapping the jar with thick paper (on the street or in the house, on a sunny windowsill).
  2. In a dark place (pantry or closet).

Regardless of the method of infusion, it is necessary to turn the jar at least twice every day.

How to tell if the oil is ready?

Some housewives insist macerate for 4 weeks, or even more. In order not to overexpose the workpiece, you should periodically look closely at the calendula flowers: as soon as they lose color (discolor), the macerate is ready and it makes no sense to keep it longer.

Now you can take out the inflorescences and let the oil settle for two days. Then strain the macerate through several layers of cheesecloth. Healing oil should be stored in a dark place, while it does not lose its properties for 3 years.

Video instruction for homemade calendula oil

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