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The difference between seedlings from cuttings from seedlings of actinidia from seeds

seedlings of actinidia Actinidia is a thermophilic plant. Her homeland is Japan. In this country, the fruits of actinidia are consumed in huge quantities. Per capita in Japan, about 200 kg of this fruit are grown annually. Actinidia seedlings were brought from the land of the rising sun to New Zealand. Thanks to the warm climate, fertile soil, as well as fertilizers with various chemicals, a new large-fruited actinidia subspecies was developed in New Zealand. The kiwi bird loves to feast on the nectar of this plant, so the large-fruited subspecies of actinidia was named after this tropical bird. Small-fruited actinidia began to be called the Argut actinidia. Small-fruited actinidia varieties are more frost-resistant, so they can be grown in cold climates.

Fruiting seedlings of actinidia

Argut actinidia seedlings are sold in nurseries with citrus and tropical plants. The metabolism inside the leaves of small-fruited kiwi is very slow, so actinidia grown from seeds will bear fruit only ten years after planting. Fruiting seedlings are grown from cuttings. You can distinguish them from seedlings from seeds by two signs: the shape of the leaves and the distance between the side shoots.

There should be a distance of at least 8 cm between the lateral shoots and the buds of a fruiting seedling.On a seedling grown from a seed, the leaf buds will be located too close to each other, the distance between the buds will be 3 cm.At the base of the root system of a fruiting seedling there should be a so-called , “Root cone”. It appears as a result of an oblique cut on the cutting, so more roots are formed.

Actinidia needs cross-pollination. From the seed, both female and male liana can grow, which does not bear fruit, and given that actinidia forms the first flower stalks only in the sixth year after planting, that is, there is a high probability of not getting a crop at all.

You can distinguish young shoots from seedlings from cuttings by the leaves. In the cutting of an adult branch, the leaves are more rounded, and the seedlings grown from seeds have elongated leaves with yellow tips..

Cutting a female bush guarantees the fruiting of a new plant, and if you make a cutting from a fruiting branch, then the fruits can be obtained in the third year after planting the seedling in the ground. Also inspect the seedling at the base of the root system, if there are buds there, they should be blinded..

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