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Storage of stalked celery: in a container or in a garden

storing stalked celery It’s a shame when improper storage of stalked celery destroys a rich crop in an instant. Therefore, the goal of the farmer is not only to grow the culture, but also to properly harvest it, and then take care of it..

When is the best time to start harvesting? Before the frost, of course. Buckwheat will help to determine them if the gardener uses it as a sederate. It, like a litmus test, changes its color when the temperature drops. If the foliage turned a little yellow overnight, then it’s time to harvest..

Unlike its relative, root celery, petiolate is more sensitive to moisture fluctuations, as well as cold weather. This is especially true for self-bleaching varieties, which are not too deep in the ground and mulching material does not hide. They are removed at the beginning of September..

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Storing stalked celery in a basement or cellar

Overexposing plants in the garden is not recommended. This issue should be guided by the terms indicated on the packet. Otherwise, the petioles become rough and fibrous. Among other things, they lose their juiciness as well as their unsurpassed taste. In this case, it is better to collect part of the crop in this way:

  • dig up the bushes along with the rhizomes;
  • fill the container with sand (peat can also be used);
  • cut off part of the root system;
  • plant the culture in a container;
  • water evenly, but so that the plants do not start to rot;
  • cut off all the leaves, as a result, they will not pull juices from the petioles, and they will retain their fleshiness;
  • cover the drawer with an opaque bag to help enhance the whitening effect.

Cut greens are dried or frozen. Some people like the salted version. Others squeeze the juice from the foliage.

You can postpone cleaning of bleached celery using opaque paper. It is enough just to wrap the stems with it. Such specimens can stand up to 3 weeks..

Why not a refrigerator?

A cellar or basement is suitable for storing stalked celery. However, until the cold days come, you can keep it in a greenhouse. It will stay there for about 30 days. For the next 2-3 months, he is sent to a warmer room. Some gardeners keep it in the refrigerator:

  • carefully cut the roots from the rosettes;
  • rinsed thoroughly;
  • dried on a towel;
  • remove foliage.

Next, wrap the bundle with a paper towel and put it in a plastic bag. In other cases, foil or cling film is used. In this state, he can be for about a month..

What to do with the crop in the garden?

To keep the remaining bushes in your garden, you need to build a special shelter. This method will allow you to eat fresh herbs and juicy stems for a short time. They make such a hut in a simple way:

  • made of flexible metal, they put impromptu arcs along the bed;
  • cover with cellophane;
  • fasten with clothespins.

As soon as the thermometer drops to zero, the storage of stalked celery in the ground is terminated. Therefore, they begin to procure it for the winter. Of course, you can’t make a fragrant salad from frozen greens, but dried leaves will serve as an excellent seasoning for meat dishes..

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