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Review of the cultivator Caiman NEO 505 C3

cultivator caiman The Caiman NEO 505 C3 cultivator is equipped with an air-cooled Subaru-Robin EP16 OHC gasoline engine with a volume of 169 cm3 and a power of 5 liters. with. or 3670 W. Engine start type – manual. Before starting the walk-behind tractor, you need to soak the air filter with automotive oil. Then turn the gas regulator knob to the middle position and pull back the starter knob. Then you can start the engine and turn the gas control knob to its original position..

Thanks to the gearbox, the cultivator can work in three modes. You can switch the walk-behind tractor to the second speed, which will increase its power and allow you to dig up virgin soil. Digging is carried out using spiral blades that ensure weed control.

The standard cultivator is equipped with blades of different diameters, but a plow and shovels for digging holes are also connected to the walk-behind tractor, which can be purchased separately. The depth of digging the walk-behind tractor when using the blades is 32 cm.The width of the working shaft on which the attachments are attached is 90 cm.

The cultivator is designed to work both on virgin land and for preparing furrows and beds on already developed soil.

Preparing the cultivator for work

Before starting work, you need to adjust the digging depth. This is done by installing the opener that is supplied with the cultivator. Coulters from the Caiman company are double-sided. To work on loose soil, the opener is installed with the bent end down; when digging virgin soil, it must be fixed with the sharp end down. The coulter is height adjustable and secured with 12 mm nuts. In the Caiman NEO 505 C3 cultivator, the opener is used as an additional brake.

It is also necessary to adjust the number of revolutions per minute and adjust the horizontal position of the shaft using the display mounted on the handle of the cultivator. There is also the possibility of adjusting the handles of the cultivator along the horizontal axis, which makes it possible not to trample the soil that has just been dug. You can adjust the height of the cultivator handles by unscrewing the bolt at the base of the body.

Before operating the walk-behind tractor at second speed, the throttle regulator must be turned to the second position.

If necessary, attachments can be installed on the walk-behind tractor. In addition to the standard configuration, you can purchase an extended one. The cultivator is fully equipped with a potato digger, plow and cart, as well as spare cross blades.

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