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Soil for ginseng – we prepare beds for growing a plant in the garden, taking into account its requirements

soil for ginseng

If you are thinking about growing a healthy ginseng root at home, be prepared for possible difficulties. This plant will not grow in ordinary soil – the soil for ginseng must be special. If you plant it in your vegetable garden or even in the garden just like other garden plants, it will fail. Ginseng needs conditions that are as close as possible to the natural growing environment.

So, in order for the seeds or roots to take root and develop actively in the future, they need:

  • shaded area in the garden;
  • the presence of drainage in the garden;
  • very light, breathable, earth.

Choosing a place for ginseng in the garden

Before proceeding with the preparation of the soil, it is necessary to choose the right site for growing a medicinal plant. It should be a bright place, but with such a condition that the sun would look there only for a couple of hours a day. For ginseng, it is enough to have up to 25% of the light. At the same time, a deep shadow is not suitable for him – there the bushes will grow weakly.

If there is no partial shade in the garden, you will have to artificially create it, shading the planting.

How to drain

Another important nuance is the presence of a good drainage layer in the form of a pillow. To do this, it is better to remove a layer of soil with a thickness of at least 20 cm and level the surface, and then fill up the drainage. They can be pebbles, expanded clay, coarse sand. Drainage layer thickness – up to 7 cm.

You need to arrange the beds in the direction from east to west. It is better to fill up the soil, forming a slightly inclined surface. So after the rains, the water will not stagnate and will go away faster.

Soil for ginseng

Now you can start preparing the soil for planting ginseng. First, it is necessary to pour a thin layer of ordinary garden soil no more than 2 cm thick on the drainage. Then lay out a good layer of taiga soil up to 15 cm thick – this is the most optimal soil composition. In a shady corner, on the “native” land, ginseng will feel great and grow healing roots well.

If there is no taiga nearby and there is nowhere to take such land, at least a little similar soil can be prepared at home by mixing:

  • 2 lobes of loose earth;
  • 1 share of humus;
  • 0.5 share of coarse sand and wood dust.

For each bucket of such a substrate, an additional 2 tbsp should be added. l. ash.

By choosing the right place for the beds, and providing them with airy soil for ginseng, you can get a good harvest of medicinal roots..

Video about preparing a garden for growing ginseng

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