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How to care for a hoya to admire its bloom every year

how to care for hoya

The dense waxy hoya leaves and delicate flowers, as if made of plastic, are popular with everyone. If you have acquired this beautiful vine, it does not hurt to know how to care for the hoya. In general, it is quite unpretentious and does not require daily attention. But in order for an evergreen shrub to please not only with its bright foliage, but also with its graceful buds, you need to know what it loves.

Hoya detention conditions

To plant a plant, you need to pick up a small flowerpot – the bushes will be comfortable in it. It is worth noting that the hoya does not need frequent transplants. Moreover, if you disturb a flower every year, removing it from the ground, this can harm it. Liana prefers cramped dishes and light, slightly acidic soil. And you don’t need to plant a plant in a large pot. In it, the hoya will actively grow shoots, leaves and roots. But it will bloom no earlier than the roots fill the entire container.

Does not like hoya and frequent rearrangements, especially during flowering. It is also impossible to turn the pot towards the sun, even if the bush grows unevenly. Because of this, the hoya will shed the buds.

For growth and flowering, the bushes need the sun, but not direct rays – they will cause burns on the leaves. At the same time, on the northern side, the hoya will be able to live, but it will not bloom. In summer, she will be comfortable at 25 ° C, and in winter the room should be cool (but not lower than 15 °).

How to care for a hoya

Caring for a vine consists in following simple recommendations, namely:

  1. Abundant watering in summer, avoiding stagnant moisture. In winter – more rare, and with warm water, especially when kept cool.
  2. In the spring-summer period – spraying leaves, but not flowers.
  3. Top dressing 2 times a month during the growing season with a mineral complex.

What to do to make the hoya bloom

So that your beauty does not forget to tie the buds, she needs to create suitable conditions. To do this, in September, you should make room for her on the eastern windowsill – there is enough light there. In this case, it is better to keep the room cool. Also, gradually it is necessary to reduce watering, and in December – and completely reduce it to a minimum. Compliance with the temperature regime of no more than 15 ° heat and drought will stimulate the laying of flower buds.

Plant lovers have noticed another nuance. If you immerse the bush in warm water and hold it there for a couple of hours, the hoya will soon release buds.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in how to care for a hoya. Correctly selected pot, location and timely watering with top dressing – that’s all she needs.

Video about the intricacies of hoya care at home

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