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Miracle bush with universal use – irga canadian

Irga canadian Irga is not only a berry, but also a beautiful decorative culture, especially a canadian irga. In spring, its leaves are green, and with the arrival of autumn they turn yellow and even turn red. The berry also changes color: at the beginning of ripening it is pink, then red, and at the end it is almost black. The bush is no less gorgeous during flowering, when the shoots are covered with small white inflorescences. This happens at the end of April – in the month of May, so the buds are not afraid of frost. Even in winter, the irga will decorate the site, standing out against the background of the snow with its brownish shoots..

Characteristics of the species

In natural conditions, the common irga is most often found, growing in a rather tall tree or a lush tall bush. Among gardeners, the Canadian irga is more popular. It is more compact in size, large berries and high yields. In addition, this species has increased resistance to drought and low temperatures, which allows it to be grown in regions with cold climates. Another nice bonus – the Canadian Irga is not so eaten by birds, but they love it very much and often deprive half of the crop.

To scare away birds, you can hang the rain on the branches with which the Christmas tree is decorated, or something rustling and shiny..

Irga grows in the form of a lush bush, forming up to 20 trunks. Their height, depending on the variety, can be 2 or 6 m with a spreading crown diameter and from 2.5 to 5 m. However, the height of the irgi can be easily regulated by pruning. It grows quickly, the annual growth, both in height and in width, is up to 40 cm. The bush forms growth no less violently, especially if the soil is poor.

Irga bears fruit regularly, annually, abundantly and regularly. Experienced gardeners who grow this shrub, note that the ovary may not be more than 1 year out of 10. The first harvest can be taken as early as 3 years after planting. The berries are large, sweet, ripen in mid-July, but not evenly, stretching the harvesting period until August.

Irga canadian – popular varieties

For cultivation, species are most often used, which are characterized by a compact size of the bush with the “size” of the berries. Among them, it is worth noting the following varieties:

  1. Thyssen. The maximum height of the bush is 5 m, the crown is round, spreading. Early fruiting, berry diameter 17 mm.
  2. Smokey. A late-ripening variety up to 4.5 m high and the sweetest. Diameter of berries 14 mm.
  3. Northline. Vertical multi-stem bush up to 4 m high.Differs in more uniform ripening of large, up to 16 mm in diameter, berries.
  4. Pembina. Sprawling shrub up to 5 m high and with berries up to 15 mm in diameter. The variety is characterized by a small growth of growth.
  5. Sturgeon. Another wide spreading bush, but more compact in size – only 3 m in height.

Video about Canadian Irga with plant characteristics

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