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Amazing transformation – croton in the shape of a trunk

croton in the form of a trunk Every florist should try at least once in his life to make a croton in the shape of a trunk. The purpose of the procedure is to form a beautiful tree with a luxurious, but compact, crown. For such a case, you will need to have one or two young seedlings in reserve. As soon as up to 4-7 independent leaves are formed on them, and the stem becomes a little stiff, you can start working. Nevertheless, after transplanting / transshipment, they should be given a little time to get stronger. Adult exhibits pinch when they grow up to 20 cm.

The plant should be provided with timely and abundant soil moisture. In summer, the interval between watering is 2 days, and in winter – 3 or 4. Much depends on the microclimate in the room..

Create a croton in the shape of a trunk

As the plant grows, the lower leaves are removed from the stem, without waiting for them to fall off themselves. Also, pinch off the tops both on the main trunk and on the additional ones. As a result, a kind of branching is formed from these places, crowned with painted foliage. So that they do not grow in a chaotic shape, they are connected using special staples or ribbons. It is very easy to look after such exhibits:

  1. In addition to watering, they are sprayed up to 2 times a day. A growth stimulator is periodically added to the water. From time to time, a flower needs a warm shower. The soil in the pot should not dry out deeper than 2 cm.
  2. Croton is transplanted in the form of a headquarters annually. In this case, a universal soil is used with the addition of perlite and vermiculite, which occupy ¼ part of the pot.
  3. Fertilizers are applied every 14 days, but only in summer and spring.
  4. Pruning and pinching are carried out. The leaves are cut at the very stem. Since the culture belongs to the family of poisonous varieties, after working with it, you must wash your hands with soap and water so that there are no burns. Sections are treated with activated carbon (crushed).
  5. Young specimens are protected from direct sunlight. They are very delicate, therefore they often suffer from the scorching sun. Older plants need abundant flux of photons.

If the procedure is carried out in winter, then the indoor plant is provided with additional lighting..

Tropical crops are especially sensitive to air humidity, especially during the heating season. Moreover, they painfully tolerate a drop in temperature. The norm for them is + 18-25 ° С. At the same time, to preserve a presentable look, peduncles and dried foliage are removed from the plant..

With these simple tips, it is easy to make a croton in the shape of a trunk. As a result, an amazing tree with a charming crown will become a magnificent decor element..

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