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Reproduction of zamiokulkas: cuttings or leaves

reproduction of zamiokulkas How pleasant it is to contemplate at home two, three or four, but better, of course, five luxurious dollar trees. In this regard, many gardeners are interested in how to properly reproduce zamiokulkas. Greenhouse employees successfully use two similar techniques: rooting cuttings or leaves. Nevertheless, they use all kinds of growth stimulants that speed up this process several times..

Properties of succinic acid

The solution prepared from it is watered or sprayed with flowerpots. The procedure is carried out 2-3 times a month. This amazing tool has been successfully used for rooting crops. Seeds are soaked in it so that they germinate faster. Moreover, succinic acid:

  • increases the resistance of plants to various diseases;
  • accelerates growth;
  • promotes kidney formation.

Yet it is not a fertilizer. Therefore, indoor flowers need additional feeding. As a result, they acquire a healthy appearance, and their green mass becomes juicy and fleshy..

A tablet of succinic acid (1 pc. Per liter) is dissolved in a small amount of hot water. Then it is poured into the entire volume of the liquid. Store the solution for 3 days, otherwise the compounds will begin to split, losing all their beneficial properties.

Reproduction of zamiokulkas

First, the pot is disinfected. Fill it 2/3 with expanded clay. Up to half are covered with universal earth. Add two tablespoons of vermiculite, a little eggshell, and then mix everything. After moistening the substrate, a nodule is planted, thereby starting a long rooting process. Typically, it covers 2 to 6 months. At the same time, when reproducing zamiokulkas, a number of subtleties should be taken into account:

  • there is no need to deepen the sprouted sprout too much;
  • it should be planted only in moist soil;
  • the pot must be covered with a lid / foil to create a greenhouse effect;
  • keep such seedlings in a warm place and periodically ventilate.

Eggshells are added to the substrate. It is pre-dried. Grind in a blender. Store powder in fabric bags.

Many flower growers practice immediately planting shoots in the soil mixture. Other cut branches or leaves are sent into the water. A little activated carbon is added to the liquid for disinfection. You can also soak the plant in succinic acid. Have there been cases? when the stem completely disappeared, but at the same time managed to form a healthy tuber with a young shoot. It is this luxury that is planted in the ground, observing all the above-mentioned requirements for the reproduction of zamiokulkas. After that, it remains only to monitor the culture and periodically moisten the soil..

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