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How to save an elongated carnation: 6 effective ways

How to save a stretched carnation One of the most popular problems with growing seedlings is pulling out the seedlings. Although many people know the main reasons for this phenomenon, they are still interested in how to save an elongated carnation. First, it is worth understanding why the sad anomaly occurs. This is most often due to an imbalance in three areas: over-watering, lack of lighting, and high temperatures. The frequency of sowing seeds, as well as feeding also affect the result. Tidying up your miniature estate is recommended in several ways..

Even if the summer in a particular region is a short summer, you still do not need to rush to sow seeds for seedlings too early. As a result, the plant will need additional time to gain strength..

How to save a stretched carnation?

More recently, an unusual technique has been developed, which consists in creating a culture of stressful conditions. The gardener will need to regularly cut 1-2 leaves from the bottom of the stem. Being in a state of shock for about 10 days, the flower significantly slows down its growth. In addition to such unpleasant events, a number of others are carried out:

  1. Topping. Overgrown specimens are shortened by almost half. In such cases, the top is cut off, leaving six lower leaves on the stems. The resulting stalk is placed in a jar of water. When roots appear on it, then it is planted in a nutritious soil..
  2. Loop curling. This is the most common way to save an elongated carnation. First, the stem is laid in the form of a ring on the soil, and then sprinkled with earth. After the procedure, the soil is moistened in good faith.
  3. Transfer. Seedlings are delicately removed from the container. Divide into separate samples. Planted in pots, trying to deepen the shoot to the first petals.

The best way to prevent pulling is to use special preparations. Seedlings are watered with a natural plant immunity stimulant. It is used as both a prophylactic agent and for the direct fight against an unpleasant factor..

If the foliage has acquired a pale green hue, it means that it lacks nitrogen. You can feed the seedlings with a urea solution. In 10 liters of liquid, dilute 1 tbsp. spoon of urea. The result of fertilization will be a rich color of the leaves, as well as a slowdown in growth..

But so that later the head does not hurt when solving the problem, how to save an elongated carnation, it must be properly maintained right now. It is impossible to do without additional lighting. At the same time, you should not keep the flowers in a hot microclimate, because then you will have to water them more often. Considering the listed points, many mistakes can be avoided..

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