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9 DIY wall decor ideas

9 DIY wall decor ideas

The decoration process is the final stage of interior decoration. After the work done, decorating is incredibly enjoyable. Creation of a beautiful surroundings on your own brings a special satisfaction. If you have free time and want to implement an original design, then feel free to get down to creativity. We have prepared for you a selection of modern DIY wall decor ideas that will help you transform the space simply and creatively.!

1. Watercolor

If you are looking for unobtrusive and light motives for the interior, then the watercolor pattern will perfectly cope with this task. Translucent stains will fill the space with subtlety and simple graceful form.

To apply a delicate ornament, select an accent section of one wall. For example, by the bed in the bedroom, the sofa in the living room, or near the work area. White wallpaper, paint and plaster are perfect as a canvas for your image..

The technique does not involve any particular difficulties. An excellent effect is brought by abstractions in the form of streaks or splashes. Take a muted shade of gouache well diluted with water, draw a line below, and blur its borders with water, and so on with each subsequent line. Fix the result with a colorless varnish. Thus, you will get attractive stains that fill the room with dynamism, but at the same time tenderness..

DIY wall decor - Watercolor DIY wall decor - Watercolor DIY wall decor - Watercolor DIY wall decor - Watercolor

2. Garlands

Garlands are an indispensable attribute of New Year’s decoration. At the same time, it is the most versatile type of festive entourage. Cozy lights can be hung in any season, but it is especially important to use them in cold autumn and winter, when natural light becomes extremely small..

There are many options for decorating walls with garlands:

– It is not necessary to hang a large number of these elements – even one shimmering thread attached to the wall will bring mysterious magic to the atmosphere. On the other hand, you can hang many items at once on one wall. Lighting looks very attractive against a white and brick background in Scandinavian and loft interiors..

– You can frame the doorway with a garland. On a dark night, the light will help you easily navigate the room.

– Light up the mirror. The reflection in it looks just great, make sure of this when working on your image..

– Small lights are incredibly harmonious on the windows. Pick up drop-down or mesh modifications.

– Create an impromptu photo gallery. It’s very simple – place a snake-shaped garland and attach a photo to it. As a result, you will gain reminders of the warm moments in your life with a soft light filter..

– Modern manufacturers offer garlands with microlamps – be sure to use this opportunity. They are inexpensive but very pretty. Most of them run on batteries, which is pretty convenient. You can place them inside cans, bottles, mugs, lanterns on the shelves – comfort and good mood are provided for you!

DIY wall decor - Garlands DIY wall decor - Garlands DIY wall decor - Garlands DIY wall decor - Garlands

3. Wood

Wooden cuts are not very popular at the moment. Therefore, decorating the space with this decorative element, you can get a rather unique design. In addition, such a move meets fashion trends regarding naturalness and naturalness..

As a rule, panels are made by hand. Stock up on the right materials and get creative. Saw the tree into thin discs. Each of them may be different from the other, there is nothing wrong with that. Get rid of the thick bark, but leave the thin one better. In order for someone from the household or guests not to “earn” a splinter, grind the bars. Special solutions will protect from uninvited visitors in the form of insects. Finally, cover the wood with varnish or paint.

By the way, the multi-colored painting gives a pleasant impression. However, if you stop at this method, then keep in mind that you should limit yourself to a small number of details so that they do not ripple in the eyes and are not intrusive. Another way is to wire the resulting parts together and hang them on a long branch. Whichever method you choose, the wood will look absolutely great..

DIY wall decor - Wood DIY wall decor - Wood DIY wall decor - Wood

4. Mirrors

An excellent companion in creating a fresh and light appearance of the room. Many are familiar with the beneficial ability of mirrors to expand space, but have not yet taken advantage of it. They are mainly used in corridors and bathrooms for purely practical purposes. And completely in vain! The decorative potential of these surfaces is enormous:

– Increase in light, thanks to the reflection of streams from lighting fixtures;

– Variety of sizes and configurations – huge wall-to-wall products, round steampunk mirrors or broken polygons will become a highlight of any interior;

– Lots of framing variations. Frames in the form of sun rays are especially relevant, perhaps they will soon decorate your room;

– Adopt several mirrors – three medium-sized objects, or 10-12 small squares form a harmonious composition.

DIY wall decor - Mirrors DIY wall decor - Mirrors DIY wall decor - Mirrors DIY wall decor - Mirrors DIY wall decor - Mirrors

5. Chalk wallpaper

The name speaks for itself – the original type of finish allows you to paint directly on the wall. This is a real find for parents of young artists.

Chalk wallpapers open up a treasure trove of opportunities for creativity. Write motivating phrases that will help you maintain the right mindset and state of mind. Create themed images in the kitchen: draw food, or hang wine bottles and sign each variety. Measure the height of the smallest inhabitants of the house, count down the days until the upcoming holidays, draw flowers, garlands, light bulbs, arrows – whatever comes to your mind!

DIY wall decor - Chalk wallpaper DIY wall decor - Chalk wallpaper DIY wall decor - Chalk wallpaper DIY wall decor - Chalk wallpaper DIY wall decor - Chalk wallpaper

6. Original paintings

Among the countless ideas for wall decor, you can always stop at the classic way – to hang a beautiful picture. But here, too, there is room for non-trivial moves.!

The last decade has been marked by the desire of man to surround himself with natural motives, and this trend continues to gain momentum. Eco-paintings that you can create with your own hands will become a sign of your involvement in this movement. Take a frame and, starting from its dimensions, cut out the cardboard of the appropriate dimensions – it will become the basis for the entire work. Attach the burlap to the cardboard. After that, start the creative process: coffee beans, moss, star anise, cereals – pick up your favorite material and lay out an interesting panel.

Also try to make paintings using stencils, threads or textured fabric under glass, the result will surely please you. If you have a high artistic ability, write a series of modular paintings or a large work in the style of impressionism. All of the above decor elements look just great on the lightest or brick background.

DIY wall decor - Original paintings DIY wall decor - Original paintings DIY wall decor - Original paintings DIY wall decor - Original paintings DIY wall decor - Original paintings

7. Shelves

An example of a harmonious combination of practicality and aesthetics. Open shelves don’t fill up the space like huge cabinets and sideboards. At the same time, they are able to fit in themselves a fairly large number of items..

In the living room or bedroom, you can equip an impromptu library. Complex structures up to the ceiling of light or rich black will fit into the modern style. By the way, structures of broken shapes look very fresh..

In the kitchen, this part of the interior will come in handy. Instead of a closed headset, put dishes, spices, bottles and glasses here. The shelves themselves can be hung on ropes, they can be rectangles, hexagons or repeat the shape of a cloud – choose the one that suits your design.

DIY wall decor - Shelves DIY wall decor - Shelves DIY wall decor - Shelves DIY wall decor - Shelves DIY wall decor - Shelves

8. Plants

Plants as part of the decor brighten up the setting, especially against the clean white walls. Modern designers offer many ways for vertical gardening:

– One of the simplest configurations is a wooden rack on which containers with plants are placed;

– To create a green corner, a module consisting of boxes in several lines with pots is also suitable. Watering is equipped with automatic, but classical irrigation is quite possible;

– Hanging planters are suitable for climbing plants. Attach nails to a wood panel to arrange flowers in, say, mugs or teapots in several rows;

– The panels from echeveria and aeonium look wonderful. Transplant these lovely blooms into tiny pots or even PVC pipe trimming cylinders. Glue the vessels to the wooden box. Fill the empty space between the containers with burlap or moss. With these plants, you can lay out a pre-thought-out ornament;

– Moss can also be used as an independent decorative element. Use a blender to mix it with water and gel to retain moisture. Apply the resulting mass with a brush to a wooden base. Spray once a week;

– In the kitchen, equip a home garden of herbs in drawers or small buckets.

DIY wall decor - Plants DIY wall decor - Plants DIY wall decor - Plants DIY wall decor - Plants

9. Stencils

It is very appropriate to decorate a monochrome wall using stencils, which, by the way, you can make yourself with your own hands..

First, decide on the image. First of all, please note that his silhouette should be extremely clear. Draw the ornament yourself, or find a suitable option on the Internet and print. These can be simple triangles, butterflies. For complex and large images, refer to the scaled mesh.

You will have a kind of draft that needs to be duplicated on cardboard or plastic. The drawing is best cut with a stationery knife with a sharp blade. If minor errors were made in the process, do not rush to send the stencil to the basket. In some cases, slight irregularities can add a special charm, for example, in interiors in rustic, Scandinavian styles, loft spaces.

DIY wall decor - Stencils DIY wall decor - Stencils DIY wall decor - Stencils DIY wall decor - Stencils DIY wall decor - Stencils

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