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Indoor oxalis: basic rules of care

room oxalis Earlier, sour cherry could be found only in nature, but recently more and more such plants are moving to our homes. Indoor oxalis is no exception – a compact bush with unusual bright leaves. Due to its unpretentious nature, it easily and quickly adapted to room conditions. If you provide the acid with the necessary microclimate and take proper care of it, it almost does not even get sick. How to grow a wonderful bush on your windowsill and what he loves?

In the scientific literature, the culture is known as oxalis. And it is called sour for the characteristic taste of the leaves. They contain oxalic acid and some even use them for food..

Requirements for the conditions of detention

The room oxalis is a warm-loving girl, but she prefers moderation in everything. From spring to late summer, it should stand in a warm, but not hot, place. From the heat, the leaves begin to dry, and the bush loses its decorative effect.

If it nevertheless happened that the foliage of oxalis began to fade, do not despair. Throwing out the bush also does not need to rush – oxalis grows new leaves well after pruning old ones.

Lighting is also important for a compact plant. It prefers bright but diffused light. But direct rays are dangerous for acid. For this reason, the southern and northern windows should be abandoned in favor of the eastern or western.

Indoor oxalis: how to care for a plant

Caring for acidic acid does not require special skills and a lot of time. In order for the bush to actively grow and delight with delicate white flowers, you need:

  1. Water as the top layer of the earth dries out.
  2. Spray the foliage periodically.
  3. During the growing season, feed once a month with a weak solution of mineral fertilizers.
  4. Tear off faded inflorescences and dry leaves.

Indoor oxalis grows rapidly and soon fills the entire space of the pot. A dense bush blooms worse, so it needs to be thinned out.

This can be done by dividing the sour into pieces and planting them. If new specimens are not needed and do not mind, you can simply pull out the extra stems from the pot..

Features of care during the rest period

The room acid has a dormant period. It is not expressed clearly, that is, the plant does not shed its foliage, but prefers to winter in the cool. Probably, this is due to the natural growing environment, because the air temperature there also decreases in autumn..

At the beginning of winter, the bush on the windowsill simply stops growing, and some of the leaves droop. Until spring, you need to put him at rest in a cool room with an air temperature of no more than 15 ° C heat. If a massive wilting of foliage has begun, you just need to cut it off. It is necessary to water the acid lily at this time very carefully and rarely, only to maintain the minimum moisture of the earthen coma. Back to light and warmth, the pot is exposed with the arrival of spring.

Room sour care video

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