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Reproduction of fittonia: methods and features of the procedure

breeding fittonia Lush bushes with fluffy hanging stems and original foliage covered with a colored net … Even if you do not plan to breed Fittonia, you will have to do it over time. It grows very quickly and after a year, instead of a cutting, a lush bush flaunts in a pot. And after a couple of years, it starts to fall apart. The lower leaves on the branches dry out and fall off, which does not decorate the Fittonia in any way. Of course, you can always resort to formative pruning and even rejuvenation. But young Fittonias still look much more spectacular than the old, albeit rejuvenated, bush..

There are several ways to get a new plant:

  • dividing the bush;
  • cuttings;
  • layering.

When to divide a bush

You can start dividing Fittonia in the spring, during the transplant of an adult bush. It is easy to do this with your hands, gently, as it were, breaking the bush into pieces. It is better not to use a knife so as not to cut the excess. Fittonia’s roots, although thick and thin, are well separated. Delenki immediately land in their flowerpots. Since they already have a root system, they root quickly and well, without loss..

How to cut Fittonia

Fittonia stems not only grow rapidly, they also willingly put down roots. For propagation, it is better to use apical cuttings. Their length should be 6 cm. Cuttings are rooted in two ways:

  • in a small pot of wet sand;
  • in a glass with a little water (just so that the tip of the stem is submerged).

From above, be sure to cover the handle with a transparent jar. Fittonia evaporates moisture through the leaves, and if this is not done, the twig may not take root. From time to time, the jar needs to be removed to wipe off the condensate and ventilate the greenhouse. You can completely remove the cap when new leaves appear at the top of the cutting. This means that he successfully rooted and began to build up his above-ground part..

Propagation of fittonia by layering

If your shrub has long shoots, this is a great opportunity to cut. To do this, from the middle of the branch, you need to remove the leaves and dig it in the same flowerpot. If there is no room, an additional pot with nutritious and light earth should be placed next to it. To ensure maximum contact with the ground, the stem should be secured with a paper clip in the place of dropping. The top of the branch with leaves should remain above the ground – this will be the future bush. When the layering grows roots, it is separated from the mother bush with a sharp knife..

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