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Garden blueberry – the queen among fruit and berry bushes

garden blueberry Gradual ripening, dry pick-off and successful transport. This is what conquers others with garden blueberries. If the gardener does not have time to harvest on time, then he need not worry, because he will remain all on the branches. Moreover, each bush will bring 4-5 kg ​​of sweet berries. How to grow this charm?

When buying seedlings, it is important to consider their age. Biennial specimens with a closed root system adapt best to new conditions. The size of the planting container must be at least 1 liter, otherwise the roots develop poorly.

Garden blueberries: planting instructions

The fruit plant grows poorly in the shade and partial shade, therefore, sunny areas are chosen for the shrub. When growing a crop, you will need a place with acidic, but light and loose, soil. At the same time, black soil is not suitable for her, she will disappear in the humus. For the substrate you need:

  • peat with a high level of acidity;
  • sand;
  • coniferous litter or sawdust.

Each part is taken equally. The bushes are placed a meter apart, and in the aisle they maintain an interval of 1.5 m. Of course, the dimensions of the equipment are taken into account during machining. The occurrence of groundwater is allowed at least 50 cm.

Moreover, several varieties of garden blueberries are chosen for the summer cottage. Agronomists recommend selecting varieties depending on the timing of fruiting, which will allow you to feast on it until frost.

Many gardeners liked the varieties “Chandler”, “Bluecrop” and especially “Toro”. Their large fruits are striking in their sweetness. The composition can be supplemented with blueberries “Duke”, “Patriot”, “Brigitte”, “Nelson”, “Chantikler”, “Blues” and “Darrow”.

The patience and work of the gardener

The roots of the plant should be constantly moisturized. This result is difficult to achieve in hot weather, because the rhizomes lie only at a depth of 15-20 cm. It should be understood that the culture loves loose soil, which dries quickly in the sun. Therefore, the aisle is mulched with cones, needles, sawdust and branches of coniferous trees. The layer thickness is about 10 cm.

Blueberries are very hardy, so they don’t even care about -40 ° C. Nevertheless, flowering at -7 ° C freezes, as a result, the yield drops.

In dry periods, farmers organize drip irrigation by stretching several belts for row spacing. The procedure is especially carried out in July and August, when flowers are laid and an ovary is formed. However, there is another side to this method. Regular watering helps to flush out the necessary substances from the soil. Therefore, it is periodically acidified using diluted sulfuric acid.

Garden blueberries are fertilized both in April and June. Top dressing is made based on nitrogen and sulfur compounds. But the use of manure and humus in such cases is prohibited..

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