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Forcing anemones and flowers at your feet on March 8

forcing anemones From spring to autumn, the flower growers have worked hard, but in winter they cannot wait to work. For this period, forcing anemones is ideal. As a result, by the holidays they will have wonderful blooms of this amazing culture. But for such a result, it is worth buying several varieties of planting material. Most housewives prefer to plant white varieties, while others prefer multi-colored.

In the original, the process lasts up to 3 months. Therefore, it is advised to start it in early December in order to get what you want by March. For this technology, only undersized varieties are chosen..

Forcing anemones contrary to popular belief

Those who have been familiar with the herb for more than one year know that soaking tubers in water does not bring the desired result. They often lack oxygen and die. Still, brave gardeners go to such experiments and they succeed a lot. The unusual experiment begins like this:

  • a little water is poured into a shallow container;
  • dip nodules into it;
  • leave them for half a day or 24 hours until they swell completely.

When the “sleepy” bulbs are sufficiently saturated with liquid, they are ready to plant. A miniature pot (with holes at the bottom) is half filled with large expanded clay or other drainage material. Sand and peat are mixed in a ratio of 1: 3. Fill the container with the prepared substrate, but not to the brim.

The tubers are deepened by 1.5 heights of each of them. Pressing them into the soil by 0.5 cm, then from above you will have to cover the surface with a centimeter layer of earth.

Continuation of the experiment

Forcing anemones will be successful if the planted shortened shoots are properly “watered”. To do this, take a container of water and put a pot in it. As soon as the soil gets wet, the reservoir is pulled out. After which the plant is sent to the cellar. The room should be cool, about + 12-16 ° C. Such a microclimate will help them not to stretch too much and not to lose their decorative effect..

High temperature does not promote accelerated germination, so cool conditions should be selected at the initial stage. Some try to keep seedlings at 5-7 ° C.

For convenience, rubber labels are made on which the landing date is written. After a month, the pots with the culture are transferred to the windowsill. Under the influence of sunlight, the plant will grow very quickly. Now you should transfer the flower to a warm room, where it is not more than 20 ° C.

Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the success of forcing anemones largely depends on the quality of the tubers, as well as scrupulous adherence to temperature conditions and the lighting system. In this regard, there are detailed descriptions of such schedules, the observance of which requires colossal patience from the gardener..

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