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Growing allium Purple Senseion without further ado

growing allium purple senseishen Purple shades soothe the nervous system and cheer up, so a decorative bow should be planted in your country house. Growing allium Purple Senseishen (the official name) is the correct planting, as well as competent care of the herbaceous crop.

To use flowers in decorative bouquets, you need to properly dry them. The peduncles are suspended so that the head looks down. Store raw materials in a dark room. This will help preserve the richness of colors and the grace of form..

Easy cultivation of allium Purple sense

An extraordinary hybrid variety intended exclusively for group plantings. It is planted as thickly as possible, since the lush spherical inflorescences are not too dense. As a result, such a cluster of purple globes will make an amazing impression on those around you. Like all bulbous varieties, allium:

  • planted in August / September;
  • to a depth of 15 cm or less if the bulbs are small;
  • not transplanted for 6-10 years.

Due to the unique properties of the root system, the culture reproduces well. One plant produces several bulbs, so growing allium Purple Senseion is a pleasure. So, in a few years “a thousand will happen from one bush”, and the flower bed will turn into an amazing terry cloth of purple color. Such a sight will be pleasing to the eye in mid-May. Of course, the flowering time depends on the weather conditions of the spring, as well as the climate of the region..

To give the front garden a presentable look, it is recommended to remove dried leaves from the bush. They are then used as a plant fertilizer. They are put together with the weeds in a barrel and tightly closed. Sometimes flooded with water.

Fascinating breeding

It is best to dig up the bulb after the peduncle and foliage are completely dry (in mid-June). They gently shake off the ground from them. Raw materials are stored in a dry, warm and well-ventilated area or somewhere under a canopy. The next fall, the plant is planted in open ground..

There is also a less expensive way. When the green mass fades, the bush is divided into several seedlings, and then transferred to a new place. In other cases, the culture is propagated by seeds, which are collected from dried flower stalks. Sowing them is advised in spring or autumn. Sadly, such seedlings will throw out the first buds after 4-5 years..

Cultivation of allium Purpl Sensation includes timely watering. Ornamental onions are irrigated only when it clearly needs moisture. It is important to remember that this variety easily tolerates shady places, as well as severe frosts..

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