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Planting an annual walnut seedling

walnut seedling Walnut is a tall tree. If you plant a one-year-old seedling correctly, then in a year the walnut will grow to 2-2.2 m. Breeders have developed varieties of walnuts with high yields. The fruiting period of such nuts is extended in time, they bear fruit until September. Their fruits are larger than those of conventional walnut varieties. Such trees are called “giant nuts”.

The nut does not need to prepare the planting pit. If you plant a walnut in a planting hole, which is half filled with humus or rotted cow dung, then the giant variety will take root worse. The advantage of the planting technology of the giant variety is the ease of caring for the seedling after planting in the ground. If you apply this planting technology to all walnut trees, then ordinary varieties will take root well. Consider the process of planting and caring for an annual walnut.

Soil preparation and planting of walnuts

Before planting, it is necessary to dig up the soil by 1-1.5 bayonets of a shovel. If your site is dominated by loamy or clayey soil, then you need to add peat to the soil. For one tree, 5-6 kg of peat is added to the soil. It is necessary to form a near-trunk circle, therefore, the soil is prepared within a radius of 40-60 cm from the intended landing site. Digging up the soil, you aerate it. After preparing the soil, the walnut must be planted correctly.

Take a close look at the walnut sapling. The one-year-old seedling has already formed the aboveground and underground parts. On the bark of the tree, you can see a clear separation between the two. The bark of the underground part is brown or dark brown. Overground – burgundy. It is necessary to plant the seedling so that the underground part is completely covered with earth, the root collar should be at the level of the soil.

Then the walnut seedling is watered abundantly so that the soil settles well, is saturated with moisture, and the process of growth of the root system begins. It is necessary to maintain constant soil moisture in the trunk circle, prolonged drought is detrimental to young roots.

Two months after planting, the top of the walnut must be trimmed. This will stimulate the growth of young shoots. After three months – choose the central shoot of the walnut. To form it, you need to pinch the growth points of competing shoots, then the tree will spend all the nutrients on the growth of the leader.

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