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Meet the most beautiful views of Aglaonem

types of aglaonema The beautiful ornamental plant aglaonema is a herbaceous shrub with large oval leaves averaging 50 cm high, but some varieties are quite impressive in size and can reach up to 1 m in height. Depending on the type, the leaf plate can be either green or variegated, with a different pattern. In total, there are more than 20 species of aglaonema in nature, many of which are successfully grown at home, as well as hybrids obtained on their basis. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most popular and beautiful varieties of aglaonem.

Aglaonema volatile

This common type of plant has erect stems, their height is no more than 50 cm. Large oblong leaves are attached to them with long (up to 20 cm) petioles. Their length is 30 cm and a width of 10 cm. During flowering, up to 6 peduncles about 20 cm long appear on the aglaonema bush. Each has a 6-cm, white-green ear, wrapped in a whitish blanket. From them red fruits are formed.

With age, the stems of the plant lie down and become bare..

The leaves of a plant can have a wide variety of patterns, depending on the varieties of this species. Among them, it is worth highlighting aglaonema:

  • Elegans with thick white stripes between lateral veins of wide leaves;
  • Waste with white smudged spots on dark green leaves;
  • Silver queen with silvery green leaves;
  • Silver king with silvery spots on leaves and petioles;
  • Trayba with ash gray spots along the central vein.

Aglaonema ribbed

It differs among other representatives in a creeping stem. It is quite thick (1.5 cm), has lateral branches, it happens that it is located underground. Petioles are slightly shorter than that of variable aglaonema – no more than 15 cm.

The leaf plate has an oval shape, and at the base it is heart-shaped. A clearly traced white vein runs in the center of the leaf, and large white spots are visible throughout the dark green leaf plate in a chaotic manner.

Aglaonema painted

The most beautiful hybrid of this species is the Tricolor variety. The color of its leaves resembles the color of khaki and consists of spots of off-white, light green and dark green. The trunk of the plant in the lower part is highly branched.

Aglaonem species with uniform color of leaves

Among the varieties that do not have a pattern on the leaves, the following types of aglaonema look no less decorative:

  1. Oblong. It features a high-meter trunk with short internodes. Large leaves are elongated, most often they are colored green, but some hybrids have a silvery pattern in the form of horizontal stripes..
  2. Simple. This variety is characterized by compact dimensions (35 cm) and an interesting shape of the leaf plate, which will change as it grows: first, the leaf is twisted into a spiral, then it opens. The width of the leaf is 11 cm with a total length of no more than 25 cm. The variety is monochromatic, but the reverse side of the leaf is lighter. The tip of the leaf is elongated.
  3. Modest. Medium-sized bush up to 50 cm high with a highly branched stem. Leaves no more than 20 cm in length, elongated towards the top. The first 5 veins are clearly visible on the plate.

Aglaonema simple and modest is best grown in a pot placed in an aquarium with water (a small amount

Video review of aglaonem varieties

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