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Useful properties of aspidistra

useful properties of aspidistra Aspidistra is a shade-loving flower. In apartment conditions, only one type of this flower is grown – “Aspidistru high”. The name “Aspidistra” is translated into Russian as “snake index”. In nature, this flower grows near snake holes and rivers with polluted water, where non-venomous snakes are often found, and the rhizome of the aspidistra looks like a woven ball of snakes. This flower has no stem. Large green leaves with a smooth surface grow from the rhizome.

Although considered a green flower, aspidistra can expel flower buds. Peduncles form underground near the plant’s root system..

Under indoor conditions, aspidistra will not bloom, since it does not have enough sunlight to form buds. For flowering, it is necessary that indirect sunlight falls on the aspidistra..

If you follow all the growing conditions and plant the aspidistra in open ground, then in August you can see red flowers. They are shaped like a special carved tulip variety and only bloom for one day. Different peoples call this flower differently. In Russia, this green flower is called “mother-in-law’s tongue”, “friendly family”, and in Europe this plant is known as the “shoemaker’s palm”. How exactly shoemakers used this plant is not clear, but it is well known that this flower was widely used in folk medicine..

The use of aspidistra in traditional medicine

Aspidistra flowers are used to make tea, which is good for diseases of the stomach and intestines. They do not cause allergies.

Aspidistra rhizome helps with severe cramps and muscle pain. Decoctions and compresses are prepared from it..

Leaf compresses are used for dental diseases. At home, you need to cut off the aspidistra leaf, wash it well and chew it for 10-15 minutes, and then spit it out. Such a folk remedy helps in the treatment of periodontitis in combination with medications..

Juice can be squeezed out of the leaves of aspidistra, and rubbed into the gums every two hours. The juice relieves inflammation of the gums and mouth. The course of treatment must be carried out within 10-15 days. Aspidistra juice is used to prevent caries. It is necessary to squeeze out the juice of several leaves and dilute it with warm water. You need to rinse your mouth with this solution every morning..

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