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Smart vegetable garden without hassle

beds in a lazy garden A vegetable garden is a very troublesome business for many summer residents. In order to significantly reduce the main and very difficult work on the site, you need to use three principles: do not dig, do not weed, do not water.

Three principles of a smart vegetable garden

Why you can’t dig, but you need to loosen the soil. Because the earth is a living organism. Some microorganisms live in the upper layer, while others live below. When digging, they die, and the soil gradually becomes dead, because it is not inhabited by microorganisms. They say: “She is tired, we need to give her a rest,” but I wonder how they give the soil such a “rest”? They stop digging it and sow siderat herbs. She continues to give birth. The secret is that they stop digging it, and it gradually regains its fertility..

There is natural soil fertility, and digging up the soil, we destroy it.

The soil should not be left open, as its structure is destroyed. In nature, the soil is covered by grass in summer, a layer of snow in winter, and fallen leaves in autumn..

In order not to weed and water the garden, it is necessary to mulch it. The moisture that is under the mulch does not evaporate from the soil and everything goes to the roots of the plants, so there is no need for frequent watering.

Weeds in the garden cannot be weeded, since after weeding there will be a lot of scraps from the root in the soil and new weeds will appear in the future. They must be shaved off using a Fokin flat cutter.

We apply crop rotation

In the first year we plant potatoes.

Without digging anything, right through the weeds, it is laid out on the surface of the earth at a distance of 20-25 cm from each other. Then cover the potatoes with hay. As the sprouts grow, it is necessary to add the cut grass on top, forming a large compost layer. Powerful green potato tops will cover the compost heap.

No need to dig, apply fertilizer under the potatoes, water and huddle them, but simply put compost on the plants.

Next year, you can plant zucchini in this place..

Third year – cabbage and beets.

We continue to plant tomatoes, carrots in the same bed, do not dig them. After 5 years, it will be necessary to make new compost for the warm beds. Your garden will delight with large harvests.

Vegetable garden for the lazy – video

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