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Growing alocasia at home

alocasia in the room The homeland of alocasia is the tropical jungle with its warm and humid climate, which leaves its mark on the character of the plant. Growing a flower at home is quite troublesome, but it’s worth it, because alocasia has a beautiful decorative appearance and will become a real decoration of the room or the main advantage of a greenhouse.

So that the bush does not lose its decorative effect, the alocasia must be kept as close to natural conditions as possible, namely:

  • high air humidity;
  • regular watering;
  • diffused lighting;
  • comfortable temperature.

In addition, you should choose the right pot for planting. A young bush does not need a large container, the flower will grow poorly in it. It is better to increase the volume of the flowerpot gradually, as the alocasia grows.

How to water alocasia and increase air humidity?

A tropical plant loves moisture, but in moderation. Alocasia should be watered only after the soil dries..

During the heating season, the leaves must be regularly sprayed with warm boiled water, since the heating batteries dry the air a lot..

If it suddenly happened that the flower was flooded, the consequences may be different. After a single overflow, the bush can still cope with waterlogging if the soil is allowed to dry well. But systemic “flooding” can provoke decay of roots, decay of the stem and the appearance of brown spots and cracks on the leaves..

However, even if most of the bush is damaged, you can still try to save alocasia, the main thing is that at least a small “stump” of the root remains. For this:

  1. Remove the alocasia from the pot and remove the substrate from the roots.
  2. Remove all damaged parts (roots, leaves, trunk).
  3. Let the remnants of the bush dry.
  4. Wrap the intact stalk in moist sphagnum moss.
  5. Place under lid or bag.

When new roots and young leaves appear on the handle, alocasia can be planted in a pot.

Watering alocasia is necessary only in a pot. The plant cannot take moisture from the pallet..

How much light and heat does the plant need?

In the summer, a curbstone or a table in the back of the room is perfect for placing alocasia, because direct sunlight is not able to penetrate deep into the room and harm the delicate leaves.

With the arrival of winter and the shortening of daylight hours, the flower must be rearranged closer to the light source, for example, by the window. This is especially important for varieties with patterned leaves, which, if there is a lack of light, can lose their pattern..

Since the tropics do not have high or low temperatures, at home, alocasia prefers a temperate climate, in which the lower temperature values ​​should not fall below 18, and the upper ones should not exceed 26 degrees Celsius..

Alocasia care: what the plant loves and does not like – video

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