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Ampel lobelia: 3 varieties from the pantry of nature

ampelous lobelia

A bright blue cloud in the garden always looks impressive against the background of other flowers. Ampelous lobelia goes well with petunia, marigolds, as well as seaside cineraria. It is also planted in pots or containers that are attached to the loggias. To create such compositions, it is important to know the characteristics of several varieties..

From undersized varieties, you can make an amazing edging of a garden alley. Ground cover varieties are often used on the slopes of alpine hills or at their foot.

Lobelia Sapphire – a competitor to a precious stone

This climbing plant can be used to decorate a gazebo or unsightly building walls. Some growers plant a flower in an overall structure. In the garden, they are installed on special heights. During flowering, Lobelia Sapphire forms a blue cloud with a delightful purple hue.

The variety also has other features:

  • bush height – 35 cm, diameter – up to 1.5 m;
  • flowers grow up to 2 cm;
  • petals have a white spot in the center;
  • the stems are highly branched.

In March or April, seeds are sown for seedlings. The containers are filled with loose soil. Planting material is sealed to a depth of 0.2 cm.When 2 full-fledged leaves appear, the seedlings dive.

Lobelia is planted in fertile soil rich in humus. For her, choose a sunny or semi-shady area. Planting scheme – 10X15 cm.

Lobelia Blue breeze – notes of sea bliss

Another delightful variety is the Blue Breeze variety. This variety belongs to undersized, since the height of dense bushes does not exceed 13 cm. Large dark blue or purple flowers flaunt majestically on its stems. They can be seen on culture from June to October..

With the help of this variety, they successfully decorate:

  • curbs;
  • flower beds;
  • rockeries;
  • balconies / loggias;
  • curbs.

However, the proposed locations should be sunny and moderately humid..

Seeds are recommended to be sown in February, using small containers with a loose substrate. The temperature of the seedlings is 18-20˚С. At the end of May, the seedlings are transferred to a permanent place in 15 cm increments..

Lobelia bush Nostalgia or carefree childhood

The most problematic for the gardener is the lobelia of Nostalgie. Even at the seedling stage, seedlings begin to branch very strongly. At this stage of its development, the lateral stems develop rapidly. As soon as it is transplanted into a flower bed, it grows even more. For this reason, the culture is placed in a separate area of ​​the front garden. However, such spreading bushes look very impressive. Against the background of pale green foliage, lonely bluish flowers stand out amazingly. Such a heavenly blue reminds many of childhood, which is why the variety was called “nostalgia”.

Acquaintance with ampelous lobelia – video

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