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Water supply for baths and houses from one well

bath and house water supply scheme To reduce water consumption, the well should be located at the same distance from the points of consumption. The water supply of the bathhouse and the house begins with the installation of the water supply system; it is also necessary to install water heaters, pressure switches and a winter drainage system. Consider a water supply system that works properly at any groundwater level.

Plumbing installation

First you need to dig a trench from the well to the buildings. The depth of the trench should be at least 1.5 m. At this depth, the water in the pipe will not freeze. But ground pressure can deform the pipe, so a pipe with a wall thickness of at least 1 inch is suitable for installing a water supply system. The pipe running from the pump to the points of consumption (sink, shower, etc.) is called a circuit.

A pump is installed in a well at a depth of 1.5 m – 1.7 m. The automatic pump control unit and the power relay will be located in the house.

Since there are two pipes to the water source, the pump will create the same pressure in them. Therefore, inside the well, in addition to the pump, it is necessary to install a collector. This device is necessary in order to drain water from one circuit independently of the other..

The collector is installed at a distance of 1 m from the pump so that an air lock does not form in the pipe between the pump and the collector..

What is a collector?

The manifold is a system of compression couplings. A pump is connected to the lower coupling. Next comes the exit to the main circuit. The main circuit is the pipe that is connected to the pressure switch. A tap is installed on the collector to block the flow of water into the second circuit, through which water is supplied to the bath, and a tap to drain water from the entire water supply system.

Installation of inner pipes

With the help of a compression sleeve, the PVC pipe is transferred to polypropylene. Next, a shut-off valve is installed, which blocks the access of water to the street. Then another tap is installed in front of the coarse filter of 100 microns. After the filter, a water supply valve to the heater is mounted in a pipe with a diameter of 25 mm. Two pipes with hot and cold water extend from the heater. Shut-off valves are also installed on them. The bottom point of the drain is the tap mixer. This water supply is the most resistant to freezing.

Pump for water supply system

The water supply will not function well without a powerful pump. Better to choose an oil pump. The oil engine starts on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Because the oil cools the engine parts, the pump lifespan is longer than conventional electric models.

Choose pumps with a central water intake, so they will less silt.

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