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Outdoor flowerpots: 70 photos and ideas

Outdoor flowerpots: 70 photos and ideas

Suburban life in our time is gaining great popularity. Suburban and residential plots are acquired in order not to acquire a small vegetable garden, as in Soviet times, but rather to get a wonderful place for outdoor recreation. They try to decorate the adjoining territories as much as possible with hedges, flower beds and other landscape “things” that give aesthetic pleasure. Outdoor flowerpots play an important role in floristic decoration. They have many interpretations and are able to perfectly decorate the site, and made with their own hands, they also save financial resources. In our article, we will consider interesting options for street flowerpots, as well as methods of making them..

Features of street pots

Vases with flowers in a suburban area help to significantly save space, so even on 3-4 acres it is quite possible to organize an excellent blooming greenhouse. Sometimes they are even used to organize a mini-vegetable garden, planting vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.). They are easy to place on any territory of the site, to decorate fences and hedges without occupying a useful area of ​​land, and, if necessary, move to a veranda, loggia.

The advantage of planting flora representatives in flowerpots is the ability to provide quality care, extend the flowering period, and ensure lush growth and flowering. It is much easier to provide a potted plant with the necessary lighting, sufficient moisture, nutritious soil that suits him specifically..

Modern outdoor flowerpots also perform a decorative function, and this applies not only to plants, but also to the containers themselves. What landscape designers will not come up with! In addition to standard pots made from different materials, they use the most unexpected household items, turning them into real flower beds..

Outdoor Flower Pots - Features Outdoor Flower Pots - Features

Types of outdoor flowerpots

Today’s flowerpots for home gardens are very diverse. On sale you can find a variety of their shapes and sizes. If the choice of the shape of the flowerpot is based on personal preference, then you need to be more careful with the size. It is advisable to build on the size of the area on which the pot will be installed. If you plan to place it on a spacious area or alley, it is better to choose a larger flowerpot so that it does not get lost in the surrounding landscape design. For small areas, smaller pots are suitable, which will not overload the situation and occupy the passage area.

Materials (edit)

The ready-made outdoor flowerpots presented for sale are made of various materials, on which both the appearance and the duration of operation, the cost of the product depend. The most popular materials are:

Plastic – this type is considered the simplest and has a low cost. Their main disadvantage is their susceptibility to chemical and mechanical stress, which reduces their service life. But they have a wide variety of models. Due to the pliability of the material, flower pots of various shapes and sizes are made from it. Plastic has an extensive color palette, is able to faithfully imitate a stone, ceramic or metal surface;

Wooden – fit perfectly into any landscape design. It should be noted that the material is capable of excellent moisture retention, therefore it is additionally treated with special coatings. If this is not done, they will quickly lose their quality characteristics and become unusable;

Clay (ceramic) – have excellent aesthetic characteristics, they are excellent for letting air through, but the earth in such containers dries up quickly and requires frequent watering;

Metal – they are highly durable, but are susceptible to the negative effects of moisture, so from time to time they must be treated with anti-corrosion compounds. In modern production, materials such as steel, brass, and less often cast iron are used. Metal flowerpots look especially beautiful in coasters made by forging;

Concrete are the most durable flowerpots that can last for decades without losing their aesthetic and practical properties. The main advantage is that plants in such containers will always feel comfortable, they will be reliably sheltered from drying out in hot summer and hypothermia in cold weather. The inconvenience is the bulkiness of the flowerpots, which greatly complicates their transportation..

There are also many options for making outdoor flower pots with your own hands, where the list of materials is significantly expanding, but we will talk about this later..

Types of outdoor flowerpots - Materials Types of outdoor flowerpots - Materials Types of outdoor flowerpots - Materials

Installation methods

Outdoor flower pots, depending on the model, have different installation methods. The most popular are stationary, designed for floor installation. As a rule, they are endowed with impressive dimensions that do not allow the structure to fall under the influence of any factors (strong wind, mechanical influences).

Smaller pots are placed in decorative table stands. An equally interesting option is hanging pots, which can be used to decorate a terrace, a front entrance to a house or a fence. Most often, ampelous plants are located in them, the branches of which go down in lush cascades..

Types of outdoor flowerpots - Installation methods Types of outdoor flowerpots - Installation methods Types of outdoor flowerpots - Installation methods

DIY outdoor flowerpots

Although most of the varieties listed above can be bought on the free sale, choosing the model that is most suitable in terms of material, installation and cost, many people prefer to make “dwellings” for plants with their own hands, especially since everything that is at hand can be used for this, without attracting funds. Let’s look at some simple, but very cute options..

Outdoor flowerpots from plastic bottles

Surely many in the arsenal have used plastic containers for drinks. Don’t rush to throw them away, as they can be used to make a variety of flower pots. Everything will depend on how you cut the container. In a large bottle, you can cut out a lateral oblong hole and lay it down horizontally on the ground, paint and fill with soil. Often, such homemade flowerpots are given some original shape, turning them into funny animals..

Another interesting option is to cut the bottle in half: the lower part will turn into a flowerpot, and the upper part will become an elegant stand. If you paint the resulting structure with paints like silver or brass, you can get a real masterpiece.

From small plastic bottles, you can compose a whole composition, create hanging pots, as shown in the photo, or original vertical gardening of a fence.

DIY outdoor flowerpots from plastic bottles DIY outdoor flowerpots from plastic bottles

Flower pots from dishes

Now it is quite fashionable to decorate flowerpots from dishes, and absolutely any container painted in bright colors will come in handy. For these purposes, kettles, pots are useful, and a colander will completely eliminate the need to create drainage holes. Often, separate cups and saucers stand alone on the shelves from old sets. In this case, there is a chance to give them a second life in the form of miniature flowerpots. Since the containers are quite small for planting flowers, it is possible to equip them with a “dwelling” for succulents and other small crops.

Another option is not to paint the dishes, but to leave them in their original form or even artificially age them. Such a flowerpot, for example, from a well-worn teapot will appeal to lovers of retro compositions and designs for rustic styles..

DIY outdoor flowerpots from dishes DIY outdoor flowerpots from dishes DIY outdoor flowerpots from dishes

Outdoor flowerpots made of wood

Wood is an excellent material that can be easily processed. There are a great many options here – it is worth connecting imagination, and you can come up with the most unusual designs. The simplest, but rather original option is a pot from a deck.

Often, after cutting or cutting old trees, fragments of its mighty pillar remain on the site – they are used to organize mini-flower beds. To do this, it is necessary to lay the log in a horizontal position and cut a recess in the upper part – first, holes are drilled as close to each other as possible, and then, using a chisel, the inner wood is removed. They also use an old barrel by simply cutting it in half..

It is worth considering that wood can quickly deteriorate under the influence of moisture, therefore, the inner part, where the soil will be poured, must be stained and covered with polyethylene. And it is better to paint and open the entire structure with varnish in order to maximize the service life..

DIY outdoor flowerpots made of wood DIY outdoor flowerpots made of wood

Concrete flowerpot

The method of making a street flowerpot using cement can be called the most laborious, but the result is a reliable and durable structure. First you need to prepare two containers, the same shape, but different in size, where one should be slightly smaller than the other. Next, we prepare the solution: we take cement and sand in a ratio of 2: 3, mix and, without ceasing to interfere, add a little water until a homogeneous mass is formed.

When the solution is ready, we grease the containers with vegetable oil: for a large mold we smear the inner walls, and for a small one – the outer ones. Fill a large mold with a solution 3-5 cm high and insert small tubes, onto which, when the concrete begins to harden, we set a smaller mold. Pour cement mortar into the walls and leave everything to solidify for a day.

After the allotted time, the smaller mold should be removed, the cement mold should be sprinkled with water and covered with polyethylene. Such actions are carried out throughout the next week, after which the finished flower pot is shaken out of the main form..

DIY outdoor flower pots made of concrete DIY outdoor flower pots made of concrete

Outdoor flowerpots – photo

Outdoor flowerpots are a great decoration for any home area. They can be selected or decorated in any color, but it is worth considering that the beauty of the flowerpot should not overshadow all the charm and saturation of flowering buds. We suggest continuing our further acquaintance with the variety of street flowerpots in the photo gallery, where we tried to collect the best collection of photographs. Happy viewing!

Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo Outdoor flowerpots - photo

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