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Dogwood Planting – Get All or Nothing

planting dogwood Planting a dogwood involves simple operations that are familiar to many gardeners. Nevertheless, growing this useful crop from the seed, you should expect that it will bear fruit after 6-8 years. Therefore, the gardener needs to be patient, and also diligently takes care of his new “ward”.

Two specimens are planted in one planting hole at once, then they will perfectly pollinate each other.

Ultimately, the farmer may not wait for the berries. But for aesthetics, the stems of young seedlings are intertwined.

Planting dogwood: rules and tips

The culture prefers moist soil types. The lowest terrain on the site is selected for her. However, you should not place the shaitan berry (another name) on marshy or loamy soils. Shrubs feel great under the auspices of tall trees in the garden. The dense crown of the latter protects the roots of the plant from drying out. For this reason, they are planted in shade or partial shade. After a few years, the seedlings are moved to the more sunny areas of the summer cottage. To plant dogwood you need:

  • dig a hole 50 cm deep, and with a diameter 3 times larger than an earthen lump (the soil is unloaded from it onto a film, so that it can be easily returned later);
  • drive in a long metal pole in the center, which will serve as a support;
  • place seedlings on both sides of the twig, and try to lean them as close as possible to each other;
  • fill the planting hole with dug soil, its reaction should be alkaline, but not acidic;
  • then braid the trunks around the iron stake;
  • fix the “living sculpture” with insulating tape at the bottom and at the top.

In order for the berries to be fleshy and not dry, it is necessary to regularly water the seedling..

Also, many gardeners like to experiment with varieties. Young trees are successfully planted with any cherry / sweet cherry variety. At the same time, they do so that two different crops grow on the same bush: varietal and wild. It is with the help of budding that it is possible to achieve such an amazing result..

From the gardener’s archive: how to choose a seedling?

Another challenge is choosing a healthy planting exhibit. When buying, it is advised to pay attention to the state of its root system. It should not have a weak, diseased, dried out or damaged process. At the same time, an excellent indicator is:

  • root length – up to 30 cm;
  • their structure is thick and powerful;
  • number of root branches: from 2-3 basic.

At the same time, drying out of the rhizome is not allowed, which is often the result of careless maintenance / transportation of the plant. A small surgical intervention will help you to finally make sure that your decision is correct. If you make an incision on the trunk, then a healthy seedling will bare a green film, but a patient has a brown one..

All these tips will help you not only correctly plant the dogwood, but also choose a worthy specimen for your garden. As a result, the farmer will be able to enjoy the exquisite taste of sour-tart berries..

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