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Prepare Korean-style spicy squash for the winter

Korean squash Korean seasoning for carrots is really a necessary thing in the kitchen, because you can cook a wide variety of salads with it, using almost all types of vegetables. Take, for example, squash – round little pumpkins easily turn into a real Korean snack masterpiece..

A feature of the recipe for a savory snack is that vegetables are not stewed. They are first pickled and then sterilized..

It is worth considering that such a salad is quite spicy, since it contains a decent amount of garlic and hot peppers, and is not suitable for everyone. If you have stomach problems, you should refrain from excessive consumption of snacks.

Preparing vegetables

The most time consuming stage of work is washing, peeling and chopping all vegetables:

  1. Take three kilograms of young squash and cut off their upper and lower parts. Grate vegetables together with the skin on a special grater, which is used for cooking carrots.
  2. Grate half a kilo of carrots on the same grater.
  3. Cut half a kilo of medium onions into half rings.
  4. Chop two spicy peppers into small cubes.
  5. Cut five sweet peppers (yellow or red) into half rings.
  6. Chop one bunch of parsley and dill sprigs.
  7. Pass the garlic in the amount of two large heads through the garlic.

If it was not possible to get young squash, you can take large fruits, but in this case they must be peeled off. In overripe vegetables, it becomes very hard and it will be difficult to grate such on a grater..

Marinate the workpiece

When all the vegetables are ready, combine them in a large bowl and stir. Add to the total mass:

  • 1 glass of sunflower oil, granulated sugar and vinegar;
  • 1 bag of Korean carrot seasoning;
  • 2 teaspoons of black pepper (ground);
  • 2 tablespoons full of salt.

Stir well again and leave the preparation for three hours to marinate.

The final stage

When the vegetables are juiced and soaked in seasonings, mix them a third time and put them in jars, evenly pouring the resulting juice.

Banks must first be sterilized.

Pour water into a large saucepan and heat slightly. Cover the bottom of the pan with an old towel and set the jars of squash out. Sterilize the salad from the moment of boiling for 15 minutes and seal.

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