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How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine?

How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine?

A down jacket is a popular type of warm winter clothing that you need to be able not only to choose and wear, but also to handle it correctly – in particular, this applies to washing and cleaning. To prepare a thing for the season, someone turns to dry-cleaners for help, but still quite a few people prefer to wash their down jacket on their own, which, with the right approach, gives an excellent result and saves money. In our article we will talk about how to properly wash a down jacket in a washing machine, as well as ways to properly dry and store a thing that can warm even in the most severe frosts..

Benefits of washing at home

Washing a down jacket in a washing machine is a rather delicate question. Many are afraid of losing an expensive favorite thing while doing it at home, especially since some manufacturers strongly recommend taking care only in dry cleaners.

However, such establishments are not so common in our time, and not everyone will have enough time to look for it, besides, dry cleaning services are not cheap at all. Sometimes you can even come across a situation where institutions completely disclaim responsibility for the result, and, having received a thing that has lost its attractiveness as a result, you, at best, will only hear an apology.

Another nuance that testifies in favor of self-washing a down jacket is the content of special cleaning agents in the filler, which, one way or another, remain after dry cleaning and can cause an allergic reaction in especially sensitive people.

To avoid all of the above difficulties, a down jacket can be washed at home in an automatic washing machine, especially since over the decades housewives have worked out the best ways to do this in order to preserve the original appearance of a bulky product..

How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine - Benefits of washing at home

How to wash a down jacket: features

In our time of technical progress, there are washing machines on sale that have a special washing mode for such products. If there is none, you should choose, according to the instructions, the most delicate wash, in which the water temperature will not heat up above 30 degrees. For washing, it is better to use liquid products that dissolve better and faster in water than ordinary washing powder – this way the thing will be protected from stains.

Next, we prepare the down jacket for washing. You should carefully examine and remove the contents of all existing pockets; if the jacket includes fur pads or a belt, they must be unfastened. So that the outer side of the down jacket is not exposed to negative mechanical influences, the thing must be fastened and turned inside out. When everything is ready, we put it in the washing machine, select the desired mode and wait for the result.

It would seem that everything is quite simple, however, when the door of the washing machine opens, a rather deplorable picture may appear in front of you in the form of a favorite thing that has lost its primary charm. To avoid trouble, we advise you to heed some important advice, namely:

1. If there are particularly dirty places on the down jacket (hem, sleeves, areas around pockets, etc.), they must first be soaked with soapy water, which will help to effectively remove stains.

2. When washing, it is better to use special products intended for fluff and wool, which will help preserve the heat-shielding functions of the filler..

3. To completely get rid of detergents, it is advisable to carry out several rinsing cycles.

4. The rinse mode at the minimum speed will help prevent fluff from churning..

Even if you are the lucky owner of a spacious washing machine with a large drum, do not put other things with the down jacket, as the result may be the most unpredictable.

Washing a down jacket with balls

Another popular life hack that has gained considerable popularity is the use of balls while washing in a typewriter. To do this, you need to purchase several tennis balls or any other, for example, intended for playing with dogs, etc. You can even use ordinary balls of thread, previously tied in a stocking – the main thing is to have several voluminous elastic spheres. The balls are put into the washing machine along with the down jacket and go through all the process cycles with it..

The advantage of this method is that the balls do not allow things to “press” into the walls of the drum, while remaining stationary – they will constantly shake the down jacket, creating an active cycle for it. This way, the dirt will be washed out much better, and the fluff will not get into lumps..

How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine - Washing a down jacket with balls

How to fix problems after washing

Even if all the above rules are followed, after washing the down jacket in the washing machine, some problematic points may still appear. This often applies to the manifestation of divorce. They are of two types – white and yellow. In the first case, everything suggests that the thing was not rinsed well. This is possible when using detergent powder, which is rather difficult to rinse out, or due to an excess of liquid detergent. In any case, additional rinsing will help solve the problem..

If yellow stains appear on the down jacket, this means that the down is of poor quality. Simply put, it was not sufficiently processed during the production process, and the residual fat began to appear during the washing process. Do not despair – try to eliminate using ordinary dishwashing liquid – it should be applied to stains, wait a quarter of an hour and rinse.

Another problem that a down jacket can “please” after washing is stray lumps of fluff. In this case, we will advise you to use the balls again, which need to be placed in the drum of the washing machine along with the down jacket, and turn on the spin mode.

How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine - How to fix problems after washing How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine - How to fix problems after washing

How to dry a down jacket after washing

Washing a down jacket in a typewriter is only half the battle to achieve a beautiful, neat look. It is important to properly dry the product so that it does not lose its original shape, color and volume.

At the end of washing, the down jacket must be wrapped in a terry sheet and left for half an hour so that excess moisture comes out. Then it is laid out on the horizontal surface of the clothes dryer so that the air can circulate freely. In no case should you put a towel or any other fabric under it. In the absence of a special dryer, the down jacket can be hung on a hanger and placed on the balcony or in a well-ventilated room, but not in direct sunlight, the ingress of which will lead to fading of the fabric. It is necessary to avoid the proximity of hot batteries, heaters and other heating devices, as the feather becomes very brittle under the influence of hot air, it will begin to split and “crawl” through the fabric.

A popular trick says that the down jacket can be returned to its previous volume if, before drying, while the thing is wet, it is placed in the freezer. Then the wet particles will crystallize, and after drying the jacket will have its original appearance..

How to dry a down jacket after washing in a washing machine How to dry a down jacket after washing in a washing machine

Rules for storing a down jacket after washing

When winter comes to an end and down jackets are replaced by light spring jackets, many often hang them on hangers in distant cabinets and only with the advent of new cold weather they think about how to put things in order. In order not to be overtaken by frost, we advise you to take care of your favorite down jacket in advance – wash it, dry it properly and create proper storage conditions..

The main enemy of fluff is moisture, therefore, before packing it, make sure that the item is completely dry. It is best to store a down jacket in a cotton cover, after hanging it on a hanger. Check the existing pockets – they should not contain heavy objects, because of which the thing will lose its shape. You can put a lavender sachet in the middle to add flavor and keep moths away. Pay attention to the fact that the down jacket cannot be stored in plastic bags – over time, an expensive thing can grow mold.

Rules for storing a down jacket after washing Rules for storing a down jacket after washing Rules for storing a down jacket after washing

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