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Several ways to store beans

storage of beans The beans are harvested when the pods are dry on the bush. Then they are dried and husked. Beans are stored in several ways: they are canned in tomato juice, packaged in cans or plastic bottles. One of the pests in the storage of beans are weevils. They start in cans of beans and gnaw at the core of the bean. After the weevil has started, the beans are not suitable either for food or for livestock feed. Consider a few ways to store beans that will prevent insects from starting and the beans can be stored until the next harvest..

Storage in glass jars

Beans contain a small amount of fat, but even enough to make the beans go rancid over time when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, if you store beans in glass jars, place them in a cool, dark place. Also, when storing dry beans, you need to close the jar tightly, for this it is better to use a vacuum lid. These covers are sold at gardening stores. They are accompanied by a special pump for evacuating air, with the help of which a vacuum is created. If you use this storage method, then no insects are afraid of you..

Storage in plastic bottles

If you did not find vacuum caps in the store, then the beans can also be stored in plastic bottles, it is advisable to put them in the refrigerator.

Storage in ceramic containers

The most convenient way is to store it in ceramic dishes. It does not let in sunlight, so the beans will not go rancid. Also in ceramics, you can store beans that have been heat treated. Therefore, before storing in ceramic dishes, beans are well boiled or even canned in tomato juice. Then the ceramic containers are put into the refrigerator. These beans should be consumed within two weeks..

Canning beans

Beans were preserved in ancient China. It was a delicacy that was served at the imperial table. Chinese peasants also cooked canned beans, because this was the only way to keep the legume crop from mold and pests. The bean recipe was simple. It was boiled and then fried with garlic. Next, these beans were mixed with a small amount of rice vinegar. These beans were stored for several months..

Freezer storage

In this case, throw the beans into boiling water for a few minutes. This will increase the shelf life of the beans by several months. Then lightly boiled beans are poured into a bag and placed in the freezer..

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