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Mysterious Yellow Dandelion Oil

dandelion oil The medicinal properties of plants amaze many scientists. Dandelions, on the other hand, delight them even more because they are considered weeds. But it was noticed that the oil of these flowers has a urinary and choleretic effect. It is used when:

  • diseases of the liver and pancreas;
  • gout or arthritis;
  • herpes as well as eczema;
  • burns and wounds;
  • scabies;
  • spasms or headaches;
  • problems with joints and muscles;
  • gastritis or colitis.

The extract is used to lubricate the bites that are left by annoying insects. The active components of the plant cope with boils and acne.

Collecting dandelions is advised only in ecologically clean areas. Away from railways and highways. Outside megacities, as well as outside industrial enterprises.

Home pharmacist

To prepare a magic elixir, the hostess will need 500 g of fresh flowers, as well as 1 liter of vegetable oil. For medicinal purposes, it is advised to use cold-pressed products. A sterilized glass jar (with a volume of 1.5 liters) is filled with the flowers of the plant. You do not need to wash them. Pour the mass with oil, covering the neck of the container with a tight gauze bandage. The dishes are left in a warm sunny room for 3 weeks. During this time, the infusion will acquire a brown tint. The liquid is filtered through a dense cloth, filling a darkened dish, and hermetically closed. Store bubbles in a cool, dark place.

To prevent the product from spoiling, the jar must be dry. After all, it is known that water drops are a wonderful breeding ground for living organisms..

We will also apply another version of the preparation of the extract. It is suitable for those who cannot wait that long. The process includes the following steps:

  • oil is poured into the pan;
  • pouring dandelions;
  • warm up the mass in a water bath for 30-60 minutes;
  • insist about 24 hours in a well-lit and warm room;
  • then filter the mixture;
  • poured into opaque glass bottles, hermetically closed.

It is necessary to watch that the liquid does not boil in any case. The longer the hostess can keep it in this state, the more nutrients the plant will give. After such heat treatment, the ether is stored for a whole year..

In winter, you can also make amazing butter. To do this, flowers are frozen in the freezer in the spring, and a drug is prepared in the cold season..

The resulting substance can be rubbed (made compresses) of diseased parts of the body. Problem areas are treated in the morning and in the evening. Among other things, the oil is taken orally. The dosage for an adult is one tablespoon 3 times a day with meals.

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