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Pruning sea buckthorn becomes a fun activity

sea ​​buckthorn pruning Autumn sea buckthorn pleases the heart of a hardworking gardener and delights with its magnificent colors. Before you start harvesting a rich crop, you need to do a preliminary pruning. In emergency cases, it is recommended to carry it out immediately after winter..

Spring procedures

To a greater extent, it has a sanitary mission. To begin with, they remove the branches that are frozen. Then dried up, sick, broken or otherwise damaged. More fragile shoots are removed with pruning shears, but powerful ones – with a hacksaw / saw. However, it is carried out in extremely rare cases. Especially male plants need such an operation. If you leave the problem growth, then it harms the culture. Fruits will no longer appear on it. It is also worth checking the tree for diseases, in particular pests..

Among other things, they practice kerboving a tree. In order to slow down the growth of a branch, you need to cut off the bark under the bud. The length of the piece is 4 cm, and the width is according to the size of the bulge. Slow down growth in exactly the same way, only the procedure is carried out on top of the kidney.

Some gardeners choose to cut off the tops, thereby shaping the crown and size of the plant. Thus, they facilitate their future difficult harvest. The cut angle is 30˚.

Autumn pruner attraction

Once the berries are ripe and ready to be harvested, then it’s time for pruning. It should be understood that fruits on young branches appear only in the second year of growth. Therefore, if a certain part of the sprout is strewn with berries, and the tip is crowned with green leaves, this does not mean that it needs to be cut off. She will bring a good harvest next season. Remove it either on the ring or near the trunk itself. So, the following sea buckthorn branches are cut:

  • unstable – in the future they will break with abundant fruiting;
  • too long;
  • weak and abnormally growing.

Some shoots may be strong, but grow towards the trunk or into the interior of the bush. Then the first time they can not be touched. As the remaining shoots develop, it will be seen whether it makes sense to leave them..

However, it is not recommended to remove strong vertically located processes. At the same time, berries are harvested from the cut branches. Of course, you should not get carried away with pruning. Sea buckthorn mobilizes all its strength to heal wounds. In total, instead of luxurious fruit-bearing branches, rare and poor ones will turn out. Therefore, the fewer cuts the gardener makes, the more productive the result will be. The principle of operation will be eliminated the same – measure seven times, and only cut off one.

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