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The correct choice of pear varieties and seedlings for your site

selection of pear varieties for the garden Pear is a fruit tree that is grown throughout Russia. Many varieties of this culture have been bred. All of them differ in their taste, ripening time and storage of fruits. In addition, it is important to remember that not all pear varieties take root equally well in different regions. So, for example, the variety “Kokinskaya” will not take root in the Moscow region, and the hybrid variety “Vilessa”, on the contrary, takes root better in regions with a cold climate.

Buying a quality seedling

Fruit trees are grown in nurseries. The cultivated varieties of fruit trees are grafted onto the wild stock. There are two types of rootstock: clonal and seed. Unlike apple or plum trees, pears are grown primarily on seed stocks. If on your site groundwater comes close to the soil surface, then a pear grafted on a seed stock will not take root, since the root of the stock reaches up to 6 m in depth and will get wet on such a site. It is better to plant a self-rooted pear seedling because its root system grows in breadth and is at a shallow depth.

Grafted seedlings take root more easily in regions with arid climates.

If you decide to purchase a seedling in a nursery, then choose a plant planted in a pot. Such a pear has a well-developed root system. When planting in a permanent place, the tree will hurt less because the pear is transplanted from the pot along with the earthen lump. In this case, the roots of the tree are protected from damage. Seedlings growing in pots can be purchased long before planting, they will not dry out and can be kept warm.

There is no need to fertilize a pear growing in a pot, since all the necessary nutrients have already been brought in by the nursery staff. It is necessary to monitor the moisture content of the soil, the earthen lump in the pot should not dry out. The advantage of such seedlings is that the pear has already taken root and got stronger, and therefore is less susceptible to fungal and viral diseases. Saplings are planted in a permanent place using the transshipment method.

Seedlings with an open root system are not adapted for long-term sale, therefore, when buying such a seedling, pay attention to the condition of the root system. On good planting material, the roots should be lightly wrapped in earth or wrapped in a bag so that the root system does not dry out.

When planting, cut the roots by 2 cm, then the growth of the root system of the seedling will increase..

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