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Inoculation of apricot on plum in the split and by the method of improved copulation

grafting apricot on plum Many gardeners use apricot grafting to increase yields and improve crop resilience. One of the most suitable rootstocks is plum. She, unlike apricot, tolerates frosty winters and a sharp change in weather conditions more easily, besides, the survival rate of the scion is very high.

There are two ways to plant an apricot:

  • in the rootstock split;
  • improved copulation method.

How to choose the “right” escape?

Only one-year apricot shoot should be used for grafting. Experienced growers do not recommend taking twigs with flower buds. If there is no other possibility, they must be removed, leaving only leaf buds..

It is very easy to visually distinguish leaf buds from flower buds: the former are thinner and elongated, and the latter are round and fat.

The selected shoot should be cut off, leaving 3-4 buds on it, and cut off the top at a distance of 5-10 mm from the upper bud.

The stalk should have a diameter approximately the same as that of the tree on which it will be grafted..

At what height to inoculate?

If the seedling is young and short, the grafting site should be about 30 cm above the ground. Older trees can be made taller – up to 1 m. It is not worth planting a cutting near the soil itself, since apricots themselves have a lower frost resistance than plums. The higher the rootstock remaining, the more likely it will prevent the apricot from frost damage..

Cleavage grafting

A sprig of apricots should be cut obliquely from both sides and form a shoulder, slightly cutting the beginning of the cut in a straight line. Lightly bite the sharp tip of the cutting with pruners. The length of the scion should be 3-4 mm in diameter.

On the rootstock plum, make a split and insert the apricot-scion into it, after dipping the cutting in water.

Wrap the vaccination site with electrical tape, cut off the excess top and grease with garden varnish.

Improved copulation method

Cut the lower part of the apricot cutting at an angle. With a sharp knife, make a vertical incision to a depth of 4-5 mm so that it falls on the beginning of the bast.

Trim the plum at the desired height, make an oblique cut at the same angle as the apricot cut, and a similar vertical cut. Combine the apricot with the plum so that the stalk fits snugly. Use electrical tape to wrap the vaccination site. Cover the cut place with garden pitch.

Build a cap from a film and attach it loosely so as not to be blown away by the wind, while not blocking the air access, otherwise the kidneys will support. Periodically, the cap must be removed for ventilation, and it can be completely removed after 2-3 weeks..

Grafting apricot on a plum – video

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