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Growing ultra-early Dakaro melon

Dakaro melon fruit Thanks to the large selection of ultra-early varieties, you can enjoy the aromatic, juicy and sweet melon already at the beginning of summer. For example, the super early Dakaro melon is widely used for cultivation in greenhouses with the aim of obtaining an early harvest. So, with the February sowing of seeds, the fruits ripen in July.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

Before sowing, the seeds must be soaked for 30 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and then rinsed with clean water. For sowing, it is convenient to use cassette trays. They must be installed in the greenhouse and filled with a soil mixture consisting of equal parts:

  • garden land;
  • sand;
  • peat.

Put each seed in a separate cassette on moistened ground. Seedlings will appear in 3 days.

Further care of seedlings

The first time the seedlings are watered when the first leaves appear. Watering is done at the root, avoiding the ingress of water on the sprout itself. It is necessary to moisten the soil regularly, preventing it from drying out. When the melon bushes form up to 6 leaves, pinch the tops to stimulate the appearance of lateral processes..

Important! For the entire period of growing seedlings, it should be fed twice with nitrophos or other complex fertilizers.


Planting seedlings in open ground should be started no earlier than in early May, when the air temperature becomes stable and the ground warms up to 14 degrees. Seedlings ready for transplanting should have 3 true leaves.

The area for the melon must be pre-fertilized with organic matter: add 0.5 buckets of humus and 200 g of wood ash for each square meter of soil.

Seedlings should be planted in rows with a distance between the bushes of at least 70 cm, the width of the row spacing is 1.5 m. Install arcs on top and stretch a film (acrylic) on them. Fix the edges of the foil with soil. This shelter will protect the melon from freezing..

It will be possible to remove the shelter at the beginning of June. During this time, the melon under the film had time to tie and is ready to stay in direct sunlight. At the end of June, a melon, planted under acrylic through seedlings, forms large fruits with a white skin and begins to ripen.

Description of the variety

Melon Dakaro has a juicy flesh, very sweet and with a characteristic persistent aroma. The average weight of one fruit reaches 2.5-3 kg. It has an elongated, elongated shape. Yellow skin, covered with mesh, rough to the touch.

The hybrid variety has increased resistance to diseases of melons.

Growing ultra-early Dakaro melon – video

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