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The best summer varieties of apples for the south of Russia

summer varieties of apples In Russia, apples are the most popular among fruits. Each gardener has an apple tree on the plot. Jam, compotes, juice are made from its fruits. Apples are eaten fresh or baked. The sweetest apples are summer ripening. Among the summer varieties, the most popular are:

  • Grushovka Moscow;
  • Kate;
  • Quinty;
  • Mantet;
  • Melba.

Let’s consider these varieties in more detail.

Grushovka Moscow

The apple tree begins fruiting in the fifth year after planting. Apples are medium in size, their weight reaches 120 g. The first fruits are harvested at the end of July, the main fruiting occurs in August. Apples range in color from light green to lemon white.

The apple tree bears fruit irregularly, but the harvest is plentiful. The tree is winter-hardy, it can withstand temperatures down to -18 ° C.

The Grushovka Moskovskaya variety is prone to scab, therefore, two weeks before harvesting, the apple tree is treated with copper-containing preparations and fungicides.


The Katya variety forms fruits on annual growths. The mass of apples reaches 120 g. Harvesting begins in mid-June. Apples are bright red, very sweet. The variety is resistant to scab and powdery mildew.

The shelf life of fruits is from eight to ten days, so a bountiful harvest must be processed in a short time. Apples are transportable, they retain their presentation after transportation.


Quinty is a Canadian variety. It was developed specifically for regions with low average annual temperatures and hot summers. The apple tree is drought-resistant. The fruits ripen very quickly, the harvest is carried out already at the beginning of July.

The tree does not tolerate severe frosts, therefore the variety is not suitable for the northern regions of Russia.


Apples of the Mantet variety reach a mass of 150 g. Harvesting is carried out in early August. The shelf life of apples is two weeks. The taste of the fruit is sweet, the pulp is very juicy. The fruits are consumed both fresh and juice is made from them..

The variety was bred specifically for the southern regions of Russia, therefore it does not withstand even minimal frosts..


Harvesting is carried out in mid-August. Fruit weight is 70 g. Annual shoots are densely covered with small apples. The fruits have a long shelf life. The pulp of the fruit is snow-white, juicy and sweet.

Important! Fruits do not have natural immunity to powdery mildew and scab, therefore apples must be treated with fungicides.

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