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Land cultivation equipment – cultivators from MasterYard

cultivators from MasterYard For the cultivation of land plots of large areas, cultivation equipment is needed. We will review the cultivators and tell you about their features. Let’s get acquainted with the representatives of the MasterYard model line.

MB 40R

Consider the smallest model in the MasterYard line – the MB 40R cultivator without reverse. It is equipped with a 98 cm3 motor, has a chain reducer and an adjustable handle. The plowing depth with this cultivator is 240 mm, the working width is 460 mm. It is equipped with specially configured hardened steel cutters. Using this model, you can process a plot of land with an area of ​​up to 6 acres. From attachments, you can put a hiller, a lawn slotter, lugs. The model is very light, compact, fits in the trunk of a car.


The heaviest cultivator in the MasterYard range is the ECO MAX 70R C2. This equipment is equipped with a 212 cm3 engine, which is equipped with a professional filtration system – an air filter in an oil bath.

A chain reducer is installed on the cultivator. A feature of the cultivator is the presence of a reverse system. It is realized with a single belt and a reverse gear. The cutting width of the cutters is adjustable from 30 cm to 80 cm. The plowing depth is 35 cm. A plow, a hiller, or a potato digger can be used as a rear attachment. The cultivator weighs 55 kg. Land cultivation area – 2000 m2.

Since the cultivator is equipped with reverse reverse, it is much more convenient to turn around on it. To make the soil ideal for planting, you need to go through the site several times.


Motoblock MasterYard MT 70R TWK +. The equipment is equipped with a 212 cm3 engine with a professional air filtration system – an oil bath filter. This walk-behind tractor is equipped with a gearbox: two – forward, one – reverse. Reducer – serviced by chain.

This walk-behind tractor can be installed both front and rear attachments. The factory has a double pulley for front attachment installation. Front attachments include a rotary mower, snow thrower, sweeping brush and blade. The weight of this model is 75 kg. The tiller is suitable for professional use.

This walk-behind tractor has a gearbox: two gears forward, one – back.

To work with the plow, it is advisable to use the first low gear..

Since the plow is not reversible, it is necessary to return to the beginning of the plot, put the wheel in the furrow and continue working. In the process of work, the angle of attack of the plow must be adjusted on the spot..

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