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Comparison of motoblocks from “Motor Sich” and “Forte”

walk-behind tractor in operation Motoblock – equipment designed for quick processing of the site. With its help, you can not only cultivate the soil, but also huddle plants, transport goods and harvest. Motoblocks are diesel and gasoline. Let’s consider the differences between them on the example of models from “Motor Sich” and “Forte”.

Gasoline motoblocks “Motor Sich”

All motoblocks from Motor Sich are equipped with an 8 to 15 hp engine. with. The battery for Motor Sich models is not placed in a protective metal container. Motoblocks have a three-speed gearbox: with two speeds and reverse. Weight of equipment equipped with an electric starter and a 13 hp gasoline engine. with. is 120 kg. Weights are supplied with this model. Motoblocks from “Motor Sich” belong to the class of light equipment, therefore they have compact dimensions. Using a gasoline walk-behind tractor with a 13 hp engine. with. you can transport goods weighing up to 400 kg.

All motoblocks from a Zaporizhzhya manufacturer pass quality control, so Motor Sich guarantees the uninterrupted operation of its gasoline motoblocks for two years, if used correctly. The warranty period is five years.

Diesel walk-behind tractors from Forte

Diesel walk-behind tractors from Forte are equipped with an electric starter. Engine power ranges from 6 to 12 hp. with. Model weight with 12 hp engine. with. – 240 kg. The battery is housed in a metal casing that protects it from rain and allows it to work in any weather. There is an ammeter on the body of the protective casing, which shows the battery charge level. Unlike the battery of “Motor Sich” walk-behind tractors, the battery of “Forte” walk-behind tractors does not need to be removed for charging..

Motoblocks from Forte are manufactured in China and delivered to the CIS countries disassembled. Therefore, assembly and all pre-sale preparation is carried out at the point of sale. Pay attention to the build quality of Forte motoblocks.

There are stickers with tips on the body, so preparation for work can be done independently.

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